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Paul Francis
10-07-2011, 15:34
Babraham Park, Sawston Pre WWII and WWII Army Cadet Camping Ground

Cambridge First EG Hospital WWII Military Hospital

Cambridge Addenbrooke’s Hospital WWII 97th General Hospital

Cambridge, Binste(a)d ? WWII Cambridge Area HQ

Cambridge Herschel Road, (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army Detachment 'B', 985th Military Police Company Aviation 1st Bomb Division

Cambridge University Jesus College, St John's College WWII RAF No.1 Initial Training Wing

Cambridge University, King's College WWII Cambridge Sub-Area HQ

Cambridge University, New Clare, Pembroke Colleges (2 ITW) WWII RAF No.2 Initial Training Wing

Chrishall Grange (AAF-531) WWII US Army 433rd Signal Construction Battalion HQ Chrishall village is across the border in Essex

Ely WWI RFC 4th Stores Distributing Park

Ely WWII RAF Hospital

Hatley St George Hatley Hall Estate WWII Army Camp known to be occupied by King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and 'B' Company 4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment

Hinxton (nr Duxford) (AAF number n/a) WWII US Army 50th Fighter Control Squadron

Histon General Depot G-23 WWII US Army Camp 13th & 64th Medical Depot Company. General Store & Medical Depot G-23

Lords Bridge (AAF-599) WWII US 8th Air Force Service Command, 4th Ordnance Company. Also RAF MU

Milton, Cambridge WWII US Army Camp occupied by African/American soldiers

Sawston (AAF-371) WWII US AAF 66th Fighter Wing HQ

Seorgreen ? also reported as Bucks WWII US Army Advanced Detachment; 30th Infantry Division Artillery

Shudy Camps, Bartlow WWII RE Training Camp

Swaffham Prior WWII Army Camp and Land Army Hostel

Walcot Hall, Barnack (AAF-372) WWII US Army, 67th Fighter Control Wing / Squadron (In Cambs, but on Lincs / Northants border)

West Fen, Ely TF/TE Annual Camp

Wimpole Park WWII US Army Camp 4th Special Service Company

Yaxley, Peterborough (also Hunts) WWII Army Camp also used as an Italian PoW Camp