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Paul Francis
10-07-2011, 21:10
1 Albany Street, NW1 WWI RFC No.4 Stores Depot (Ruislip) HQ

Bryanston Square, W1 (AAF-390) WWII US Army HQ United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe (Rear), HQ Air Tech Services

66 Cadogan Place, SW1 WWII US Army, 24th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squadron

Camberwell, Cormont Road, SE5 WWI 1st London General Hospital – St Gabriel’s College

Canning Town, E16 (T2 & T3) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp T2 & T3 at demolished housing estate (camp capacity 4,300 personnel & 1,065 vehicles)

Chelsea, Kings Road, SW3 / 10 WWI 2nd London General Hospital - St Mark's College

Chelsea Barracks Originally built 1860s. Reconstructed 1960s. To be demolished c.2008

Chelsea, Ebury Bridge Road WWI RFC No.4 Aircraft Repair Depot (formally the Gamage-Bell Taxi Cab and Sperry Gyroscopic Company premises)

Clapham Deep Shelter, SW4 1953 Coronation Camp housing, the Naval contingent - British, Australian, Cinghalese, Pakistani and New Zealanders

Commercial Road, E1 /E14 WWII US Army D-Day Medical Depot G-30

Denmark Hill, SE5 WWI 4th London General Hospital – King's College

Duke Street, W1 Selfridges Building WWII US Army 1st Regulating Group

Earls Court, Empress Hall, SW5 WWI RFC No.5 Balloon Stores Depot

Earls Court, SW5 1953 Coronation Camp

Edgware Road – Portman Garage, Church Street & Porteus House, Porteus Road, Harrow Road (W2) WWI RFC No.3 (London) Stores Distributing Park & HQ

Edmonton, N9 / N18 WWI RFC No.9 Aircraft Repair Depot (formally No.4 Government Cartridge Factory plus a hutted camp at Pymmes Park)

4 Fenchurch Avenue, EC3 WWII US Army, 12th Port of Embarkation HQ

Goschen Buildings, Henrietta Street, WC2 WWI London Photo Centre, Covent Garden

29 Grosvenor Place, SW1 WWI Air Construction Service HQ

Grosvenor Road, SW1 WWI Queen Alexandra Military Hospital

20 Grosvenor Square, W1 WWII US ETOUSA HQ

45-7 Grosvenor Square, W1 WWII US Army, SHAEF HQ

45 Gloucester Place, W1 RFC Hostel

Golders Green, NW11 WWII REME Workshop No.1

Golders Green, NW11 (STS 52) WWII Special Training Station 52 (W/T training)

Hatherley Street, SW1 WWII US Army 16th Station Hospital

Hampstead, NW3 1 Fitzjohn's Avenue WWI Royal Air Force School of Music

Hampstead Borough (Elsworthy Rd, & Wadham Gardens, NW3 St John’s Wood NW1 WWII 9th Air Defence Command HQ (AAF-405)

Horse Guards, SW1 WWII HQ London Area

Hurlingham Club Polo Ground, SW6 WWI RFC No.1 Free Balloon School

Hyde Park Corner, 31 Wilton Place, SW1 WWII WTS FANY HQ plus Nissen hutted camp in Hyde Park

Hyde Park Barracks, SW7 WWI Hotchkiss Gun Course for TF officers

Kensington Gardens, SW7 1937 and 1953 Coronation Camp

Kidbrooke, SE3 WWI RFC No.1 Stores Depot

Kirtling Street, Battersea, SW8 WWI RFC Experimental Workshop Station

247, Knightsbridge, SW1 WWII 1st AA Group HQ (1 AA Division)

Lords Cricket Ground, NW8 WWII No. 1 Air Crew Recruiting Centre

Manor Park, SE13 (T7) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp T7 (camp capacity 4,000 personnel & 1,000 vehicles)

Mill Hill, Inglis Barracks, NW7 REME Depot & Underground Army HQ

Norfolk House, St James’s Square, SW1 WWII US Army, ETO and SHEAF HQ

20 North Audley Street, W1 (AAF-576) WWII US Army London Traffic Office Detachment 'A', 86th Air Transport Squadron, HQ 5th Army Airways Communications Wing

Olympia, W14 1953 Coronation Camp

143, Park Lane, W1 WWII US Army, 32nd Military Police Company

Park Royal, W5 WWI Army Camp

Park Royal, W5 WWII, 1st AA Regiment Workshops

Plaistow, E13 (T2) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp T2

178 Queen's Gate, SW7 WWII HQ London Area (Rear)

Regent’s Park, NW1 WWI RFC No.2 Stores Depot

Regents Park Barracks, NW1 WWI Hotchkiss Gun Course for TF NCOs

Regents Park Camp, NW1 1937 Coronation Camp

1a Richmond Terrace, SW1 HQ Combined Operations from August 1940

Rochester Row, SW1 WWI Military Hospital

Rubens Hotel, Buckingham Palace Road SW1 WWII HQ Polish Forces in Great Britain

83 St George Street, W1 WWII US Army, 4th Hospital Train

55 Sloane Street, SW1 WWII HQ First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY)

Smithfield, EC1 WWI 1st London General Hospital (annexe) – St Bartholomew's

Southwark, SE1 WWI 5th London General Hospital – St Thomas’s

Tollgate Road, E6 / 16 (T8) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp T8

8 Upper Grosvenor Street, W1 WWII US Army, 7th Medical General Dispensary

West Ham Greyhound Stadium, E15 (T4) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp T4 (camp capacity 2,000 personnel & 500 vehicles)

Royal Docks, E16 (T8a) & West India Docks, E14 (T8b) WWII D-Day Marshalling Area Camp T8

Wandsworth, SW18 WWI 3rd London General Hospital – Victoria Patriotic Asylum, Wheatsheaf Hotel, E6 WWII GHQ Home Forces (until 28-07-43). Shared with a property in King Street, Hammersmith

Woolwich, SE18 Royal Military Academy, 1741-1947 RA Barracks, 1776–2007

Woolwich Common WWI Army Camp. Also used extensively by RA

Wormwood Scrubbs, W12 WWI RFC No.10 Aircraft Repair Depot. WWII usage.