View Full Version : RAF Portreath Beaufort Crash at Roscroggan Chapel Memorial Plaque

20-07-2011, 12:07
This memorial is at the crash site just south of Camborne. Photos taken on 24th June 2011.
The plaque
The entrance to the chapel which is kept as a memorial garden.

Location SW 648 417 Note: the site is NOT at the current Roscroggan Chapel which is now a B & B but a quarter of a mile along the lane towards Camborne.

16-01-2012, 16:21
The two of the crew, Day and Atkinson, who are buried in Illogan War Graves Cemetery are featured in this video:
It seems the pilot Atkinson managed to turn the plane away from the town of Camborne and probably saved many lives on the ground in doing so.

airfields man
16-01-2012, 21:19
Many thanks for that link Cornwallphil, I've just watched it all the way through, it's very good. Looks like the plaque has been scratched a few times, plus a bit faded in one place, unless it's just the angle that it's been photographed. Either way it's good that they are remembered.

17-01-2012, 00:48
Sadly the plaque is both faded and scratched. However it's good that the local folk hold a memorial service there each year.