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22-07-2011, 20:12
Bowithick Italian POW Camp near Davidstow Cornwall

Does anyone know anything about Bowithick POW Camp? Bowithick is a small hamlet a couple of miles south east of Davidstow Airfield. According to Peter Hancock's excellent book "Cornwall at War" there was a WW2 Italian POW camp there. He includes a photo of some remains, but I am certain they are the remains of the dressing floor of the WW1 Tungsten processing plant that was there. I am looking for anything that will confirm the existance of the camp and its exact location. There are some remains 250 metres downstream from the tungsten works that could be the bases of POW huts. I have attached a photo of these remains near the ford.

To find the location of the ford
The dressing floor is along the track to the bottom left of the pic.
My photo is taken at the junction of the lane and track just north of the ford.

Any assistance greatfully received.

28-07-2011, 20:48
Having visited this location again today and chatted to one of the natives, he was certain that all the remains at Bowithick are WW1 with the Tungsten (or Wolfram as it was called then) dressing floors above the ford and the domestic site with huts below it.

I am coming to the opinion that Peter Hancock has got it wrong in his otherwise excellent book "Cornwall at War".

28-07-2011, 20:58
Can't say I've heard of a camp at Bowithick, but that doesn't mean there weren't Italians sent there to work on the farm. It wouldn't be classed as an actual camp then.