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15-08-2011, 08:07
I wonder if anyone can help, does anyone have any information on the REVO T2 Mk 2 Taxiway Light, to me it looks the same as the modern day GEC/CEGELEC/Alstom/ATG ZA202 but in Cast Iron

Example they Age etc, Photos shown

Vintage REVO T2 Mk2 with Iron Body

Modern Alstom ZA202 with Aluminium Body

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Richard Flagg
15-08-2011, 18:26
They do look very similar, are the lenses the same size? Any ideas when they were first used?

15-08-2011, 19:31
Sorry mate

I have No Idea where they were used, both lights were E-bay wins and yes they are both the same size, the only difference is the REVO light, is made from case iron the Astom one is a modern variet of the GEC ZA202 now are made by ATG Airports, this is cast aluminium and is a lot lighter in weight, the REVO light has been rewired for use with a modern J1/57 type Airfield Lamp, this may have recently been removed as part of a Airfield lighting upgrade as more Airfields are switching to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) type Lights.

another Light I recently bought is a USAF type C2 Runway Edge Light from the USA. I should recieve it within the next few days

All the Best