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Richard Flagg
08-08-2008, 22:27
Recent visit to Booker.

I am not 100% sure whan any of the buildings are so if anyone has a site plan and would like to help please let me know!

OK, I know this is a Bellman Hangar

Don't know the rest though!

Possible Fire Tender Shed


Main Entrance

09-08-2008, 21:32
hi richard,
pic2. fire tender shelter, with 1980s extension. (where i work.)
3.lubricant and inflammable store.
4.gas clothing and respirator store.
5.rear view of main stores.
6.fire fighting equipment hut.
7. ground instructional block.
8. main stores, front view of pic5.
9.fire tender house.
10.guard and fire party house.
all the above buildings will be demolished once planning permission is granted to modernise the site.

Richard Flagg
10-08-2008, 18:42

Thanks alot for the list there, really appreciate it. I may have even met you there when I came up on the 12th July! I was chatting to quite a few folks at Booker!

Sad to hear they are likely to be demolished, another site for development then!! What plans do they have for the tech site?

10-08-2008, 20:32
thanks richard. i would have been on duty that day except i took a days leave and a couple of us flew up to duxford for flying legends, maybe next time. cant give away to much about plans until the council are won over and the lease renewed. lets just say that the place will be transformed !

Richard Flagg
10-08-2008, 20:44
I stopped in on my way back home from a rather damp RIAT, should have done Legends instead!!

18-11-2008, 21:42
demolition of the ground instructional block began this week. it will be down tomorrow and cleared by friday. the main stores will go next week.

04-05-2009, 19:38
Some demolition work in progress march 2009
The building at the entrance
The memorial

03-04-2010, 19:16
Attended an air show at Wycombe Air Park on 11 July 1971. Five pages from the Official Programme are attached. One more image from the programme will be forthcoming.

03-04-2010, 19:18
Final image of the Official Programme for the Air Display on 11 July 1971

Chris Lowe
03-04-2010, 22:30
I wish I'd taken more photo's when flying from here in with my mate the 90's.

David Thompson
28-09-2010, 18:20
This morning a report on Radio 5 Live stated that a rugby union team wanted to build a new stadium and develop a site at Wycombe Air Park . Will this be on the airfield itself and signal the end of flying there ?

28-09-2010, 21:23
the actual proposal is for the "co-location of a sports stadium at Wycombe Air Park." we have seen various proposals ranging from a re-aligned runway and new airfield infrastructure on the north side, to a stadium in the south of the site, with existing facilities remaining. the current lease is up for renewal/expires in 2014. london wasps feel their current site at adams park is too small and are trying to move. much politics going on,(google bucks free press). opposition to the scheme is growing from ratepayers over council funding assistance for a private venture.it has also grown from new stadium to national sports village with hotel, multiple training grounds and housing. whilst the proposal claims to retain flying, apparently serious restrictions will be imposed when the stadium is in use. this would pose a serious threat to future operations at WAP

02-10-2010, 07:51
Saw this on the news yesterday. London Wasps have submitted plans for a new 17000 seat stadium and "sports village".



Darren J Pitcher
17-03-2011, 12:25

I am wondering if anyone can help with any photographs taken at RAF Booker either during wartime or post-war up until the early sixties of any buildings, aerial views, aircraft, pilots etc that I might be able to use for a future book about the airfield. Credits will of course be given to any images made available. Also if anyone can again help with any images of RLG's Denham and Bray during wartime also.

Darren J Pitcher

22-03-2011, 10:04
As Booker was used for Elementry training for the Glider Pilot Regiment their journal, The Eagle, often is stuffed with photos of people and aircraft from the various courses. Sadly I think most of the people who sent them in have passed on how so getting permission might be hard, unless the editor will allow you to reproduce them from the journal with credit.

I'd also try the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop. They have a lot of photos in their archive and a complete collection of The Eagle journals.

22-03-2011, 21:12
also try the bucks free press archives. and wycombe air centre have a few pics on their wall of the airfield. theres a good one of the motorway being dug out alongside us.

23-03-2011, 08:29
There is a good book "High Wycombe's Contribution To Aviation" David Scott & Ian Simmons 2008. Contact Ian at simmonsi@dialstart.net

Darren J Pitcher
23-03-2011, 10:15
Many thanks for all your advice and tips on where to look so far, looks like I have a lot to find out about.

19-07-2011, 13:50

20-07-2011, 09:33
Good !! I'm pleased for the local GA flyers as it always seemed to be a busy/popular place ! I remember Booker as one of my first airshows in the early '70s. I used to live just up the road at Ellesborough....still got a programme somewhere.

What was the saying? ".....downhill to High Wycombe, uphill to Downley and the Bucks Free Press is still only 9 pence !!.......well back then anyway.

I'll get me coat then................:-)

Paul Francis
20-07-2011, 16:31
control tower

airfields man
11-09-2011, 18:26
A few that I was allowed to take at Booker yesterday after leaving Lane end. A pair of Spitfire main wings awaiting the return of the restored fuselage shown in this last photograph.

11-09-2011, 18:39
Isnt the top fuselage from an Indiana Jones film?

13-09-2011, 11:14
yes your right (Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade) it was part of the Blue Max collection which I was under the impression was relocated Compton Abbas airfield?... no sign of either Blue Max or Aces High on their website so it may have folded and returned to Booker (Bianchi Aviation Film Services, aka BAFS)...

29-07-2012, 07:59
My Father was stationed at RAF Booker during the war as part of the Heavy Glider Conversion Unit. On his death I sent a number of photographs to Aidrian Groeneweg at the Airborne Museum Hartenstein. Regretably Mr Groeneweg has now passed away. However the museum should still have these photographs and may send you scans of them. You may wish to contact Aukje Kooistra. Airborne Hartenstein "Hartenstein" Utrechtseweg 232, 6862 Oosterbeek. Tel +31 (0) 26 333 7710 to see if this would be possible.

30-07-2012, 08:27
Hi Rbits,

Booker wasn't a Heavy Glider Conversion Unit but in fact an Elementary Flying Training School. Glider pilots first had to do the standard basic RAF power flight course there before moving onto gliders. Depending on the year, they either then went on to a specific Glider Training School and *then* onto the HGCU or at the end of the war and after they went to an HGCU almost direct from flying training.

There was some back and forth though especially with instructors who sometimes bounced around units but people who served with HGCU *usually* stayed with that unit.

Still interesting that your Dad was there but just wanted to clarify the units/roles. :) Would be interesting to hear if he was RAF or a glider pilot though.

Darren J Pitcher
03-10-2012, 16:25
Re: RAF Booker Wartime & Post-war Photographs

Thank you Rbits for the contact address, much appreciated

Booker Aircraft Museum

I am currently researching the history of Booker Aircraft Museum for an intended book on the airfields history and would like to enquire whether anyone can help by providing any photos of the building that housed the collection and any that show the interior exhibits and displays, also any of the following aircraft that were displayed outside the Museum over the years. Nord Noralpha G-BAYV painted in German markings, Westland Whirlwind XM665, Gloster Javelin nose XA571, DH Vampire NF10 WP250, Provosts WW442 and XF898.
If anyone can help I would be glad to hear from you, full credit will be given for any images.

03-10-2012, 20:18
contact barry parkhouse at booker.( parkhouse aviation) he"s in the old museum building itself and still has some of the models, and i believe, has some of their engines too. he"ll probably have more stuff knowing him. he"s a good guy.

23-03-2013, 23:17
in the film, magnificent men in their flying machines, much of wich was filmed at booker, there appears to be a banked race circuit around the outside of the field, much like that at brooklands, does any of this banking still exist?

24-03-2013, 05:52
I suspect that was Brooklands even though much was filmed at Booker.

24-03-2013, 20:36
the banking was built off of the 06 end of the hard runway, then curved left (south) and followed the airfield boundry. there was a good aeriel picture of the film set published a couple of years back in either flyer or pilot magazine.

23-05-2013, 15:01
Just found this on the sub brit mailing list. No idea of the location.

Photos from 22/05/2013. This is the air raid shelter on the perimeter of the
airfield. Apologies for the poor quality photos as I was on a bike ride and
only had my phone on me. The shelter has always been locked when I've been
past so I couldn't miss out on an opportunity to have a look as it was
locked open. It's only a small shelter in a 'T' shape. You enter at the
bottom of the 'T' and the rooms are on either side as pictured.

Photos here:


23-05-2013, 22:06
Just found this on the sub brit mailing list. No idea of the location.

Photos from 22/05/2013. This is the air raid shelter on the perimeter of the
airfield. Apologies for the poor quality photos as I was on a bike ride and
only had my phone on me. The shelter has always been locked when I've been
past so I couldn't miss out on an opportunity to have a look as it was
locked open. It's only a small shelter in a 'T' shape. You enter at the
bottom of the 'T' and the rooms are on either side as pictured.

Photos here:


Hi, I posted this on Sub Brit, if you have any questions or want to visit let me know and I'll tell you the location. I just don't want to openly post it on the web to prevent vandalism.

Darren J Pitcher
03-06-2013, 17:38

This is another Booker airfield related question following on from my Bellman hangar question.
Can anyone please tell me what type of hangar this is?. It is currently used by the Booker Gliding Club where they keep their tug aircraft.



Richard Flagg
25-11-2013, 08:53

This is another Booker airfield related question following on from my Bellman hangar question.
Can anyone please tell me what type of hangar this is?. It is currently used by the Booker Gliding Club where they keep their tug aircraft.



Looks like a Romney hut Darren, the blue hangar behind is a modern hangar.

Darren J Pitcher
26-11-2013, 17:57
Thanks for that REF

I think you are right, they must be two Romney huts joined together I was convinced it was a Blister Hangar but it did not look right. Certainly Romney's have the roof windows.


Richard Flagg
26-11-2013, 19:49
Definitely not a blister hangar, they are a lot wider.

27-11-2013, 14:18
Oh....I thought the query was on the blue hangar to the rear of the Romney sheds!


13-03-2014, 09:36
Darren Pitcher has published "Wycombe Air Park a Photographic History" a neat soft backed book on the history of Booker airfield,lots of photographs condensed into a good history of the airfield.

17-08-2014, 14:57
Thought this might be of interest!

17-08-2014, 18:38
Thought this might be of interest!
Yes - the Bofors gave four displays . Two were 'Demonstrations' and two were 'Into Actions'. Wonder what the difference was?

Perhaps it was so impressive that 21 years later they made the film (http://s2.thcdn.com/productimg/0/600/600/64/10617464-1341318758-690383.png).

18-08-2014, 08:32
We visited what had been also referred to as Marlow Airport around 1964 to catch sight of the planes they were using for the 'Those Magnificent Men' film ~ In those days you could park in the gateway off of the Marlow to Lane End road to watch what was landing taking off etc.

Found the attached link while looking for something completely different that may be of interest ?



Richard Flagg
12-12-2014, 23:23
Fears for the future of Booker;

http://www.bucksfreepress.co.uk/news/localnews/marlow/11661804.Fears_for_future_of_Wycombe_Air_Park_afte r_wranglings_over_lease/

16-08-2015, 22:41
Just trying to figure out what hangars Booker had in WW2. From what I recall from visits in 1976, 1982 & 1986 it was all Bellmans. Maybe 3 pairs? Now it seems to be all newer hangars apart from one Bellman left? What did it have originally? Here are three views from 1976 (cessna 421), 1982 (2 Spits) and 1986 (G-BIPO).


16-08-2015, 23:33
The 1942 status is four Bellman, eight EO blister

1944 status gives two Bellman 175 by 90 by 25 ft, two Bellman 175 by 90 by 71 ft (YES 71 feet!), four EO blister.

1955: Two Bellman 175 by 95 by 25 ft, two Bellman 175 by 95 by 17 ft (more like it !), one 9-bay Bessonneau.

Note how the Bellmans became wider! - I believe the span was actually 87' 9". The Dwg No. is 6411/39 (a later version of the original 1937 designs ?)

The northernmost pair were the 25ft high sheds. I suspect only the western shed of the southern 17ft pair survives from Google.