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11-12-2011, 23:00
Here you see a Butlers Air Ministry Possilby a Approach Light, I have No Idea on this light or where it was used However I have heard of Butlers Lighting who specialised in Automotive Lights in the 1930's to 1960's, but never knew they made lights for Airfiled/Airport Applications
I have had to heat the Optic Retaining screw as it had siezed, Lamp details to follow when I can open the Light, this light used a X95-4520, 12 volt 36 watt Military Airfield Lamp with a P36d (British Prefocus) Cap simmilar to the Vintage BPF Headlight Bulbs.

on the Light it has

A.M.D.G.W. = Air Ministry Directorate General of Works.
TYPE LE/38/5 = Light Elevated 38/5
Air Ministry Ref No = 5A/4535
Butlers Ltd

The AM/4538 number is the Reference number for the Lamp Optic unit


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12-12-2011, 12:56
It is similar to the LR/14 which was associated with the EL43 and EL46 - all made by Butlers.

The LR/14 was an 36 watt uniderectional elevated runway lamp a little shorter than your unit (source AM Chart). It fitted into the standard circular cast iron PC/3 plinth.