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Peter Kirk
30-12-2011, 21:36
This range is mentioned in a list at TNA (MAF 140/21) and also on this web page http://home.clara.net/griffon/19/19otu_memories.htm

I have yet to positively locate it and wondered if anyone has come across it?

In the TNA document it is crossed through, implying that it was already out of use by 1946. It notes it as a Practice bombing range and give the location as 50/063259 (wartime grid). As the grid was hand written it might not be accurate and experience with the same list has taught me not to trust the typed ones either.
It was obviously used by 19OTU at Forres and was also called Honeychurch Moor. As these are two independant sources I have no doubts that it was called this or that it existed but have failed to locate anything named like it, unless they flew to Devon (The only Honeychurch Moor I have found)???

02-01-2012, 10:12
Possibly a mis-spelling of Honeyburn or Honey Burn. Had a quick look and there's a Honeyburn near Denholm (SE Scotland) but looks hilly.

One near Beauly (Muir of Ord) looks more promising.

EDIT: Why did I see Honeyborne instead of Honeychurch!? Old age:)

I'm working it and though this might give a clue:


Some of the losses are way south of the border. As you know it was usual to have a dedicated PB range reasonably close to home (Forres). Clunas Range is mentioned as is Tain so it may be that Honeychurch was not in Scotland at all.