View Full Version : Craigowl Hill Radar site, Angus

01-01-2012, 19:35
Here's a less usual one for the radar site buffs - ! Photos, taken May, 2011 of the admin / domestic site to what was going to be a Cold War radar site on Craigowl Hill. It took much digging to find the purpose of this one, but eventually when 'official' research floundered, it was an aged local who came up with the answer. Apparently, shortly after this site was built circa late forties, early fifties, the Cold War warmed up a little, rendering the site surplus to requirements. The much modified /altered mast installations on top of Craigowl Hill now serve as telecom units. Pictures are: - 1, Front, with large boiler house & water tower and accom. block to right centre. 2, Rear view. 3, Guard house foundations. 4, Front left, showing MT shed. 5, Water cisterns & pumphouse utilising natural water runoff from the Hill. 6, Double glazing postwar style - !:wink: