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I have noticed, or cannot find any mention of RAF Sopley, Southern Radar...

So as a starter, I found this link:


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Apparently it, or at least the domestic site, is now called Merryfield Park

web site (http://merryfieldpark.co.uk/)




Above shows the plan when used as the domestic site for the Radar Station

A Brief History of Merryfield Park

In the beginning

Merryfield Park, previously called RAF Sopley, was purchased (not compulsary purchase) by the MOD and built in the early 1950’s as a domestic site for the nearby southern radar station.

The site is 28.5 acres and has 91 individual buildings covering in excess of 152,000 sq ft built footprint. It has its own private road network . The majority of the buildings are of Wimpey no-fines cavity wall construction and housed approx 450 RAF personnel.

Radar technology moved on and on 27th September 1974 Southern Radar Sopley was closed. The existing buildings were substantial and no one envisaged that after only 20 years of productive use that it would become obsolete.

There is no record of any covenants or promises to turn the land back to agriculture despite local rumours of this !

Through the years

In 1977 during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee the site was used by the Household Cavalry for a year as a rest and recreation site.

From 1979 to 1982 the site was used as a resettlement centre for the Vietnamese refugees (boat people) – at this point there were about 650 people living on site. After that the site was used as a training site by various people either using the whole site or individual buildings.

In 1989 the developed part of Sopley Camp was bought by the present owners and the grass playing fields to the rear were purchased by Lord Manners. In 1999 the name officially changed to Merryfield Park (Merryfield being a local name).

Domestic site (http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=50.781195&lon=-1.75085&z=17.1&r=0&src=msa)

Technical site (http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=50.779631&lon=-1.772044&z=18.6&r=0&src=msa)


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Some other information on the web - some great photos and diagrams

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