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13-01-2012, 19:16
Not much here for the Northern Scope dopes! Closed, I believe in 2005 and used as a remote site!

13-01-2012, 20:30
Buchan had a clame to fame(or to be exact infamy) in the RAF, it had the highest suicide rate in the RAF. I knew an RAF policeman who dealt with three suicides at Buchan in as many months.

13-01-2012, 22:36
Also had one of the best Rugby clubs I had the privilege to drink in....

One wall had a collection of ladies underwear, which I was honoured to liberate from a WRAF and have them nailed to the wall...

09-11-2014, 23:38
RAF Buchan Reserve - Type 7 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/doffcocker/sets/72157649151327876/)