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P Bellamy
23-01-2012, 22:03
This is a partially-recovered and condensed version of the original, now deleted, Thor Site Drawings thread

Part-completed Folkingham layout:


Earlier draft placed into GE:


Quick sketch of the extrapolated North Pickenham layout, I'll transfer this into a proper drawing eventually:


Current best-guess of the basic layout at Tuddenham, built up from the scant surviving evidence:


Although not quite as bad as Tuddenham, the layout of the Polebrook site is being somewhat difficult to work out.
Due to a gap in the available maps datewise, the best I can do for now is this:


These are a few faint lines visible in older air photos that may be traces of the perimeter fencing (ignoring those of the airfield layout), but they would make the site very long and thin.
If they are the fencing, they would seem to include the two WWII SAA buildings that were still standing into the 1970s. That might explain the lack of any trace of the expected CSB and Pyro Store, these existing buildings being used instead.

Thoughts anyone?


What is the orientation of your drawing?

PS I certainly remember the buildings that stood on or near to the bomb stores, if only I had taken a picture! There are still pieces of concrete fence posts in a hedgebottom, that from memory are not standard AM boundry posts so have to assume they are from the Thor site. Another thing that occurred to me having reread Project Emily is the dependance on GPO land lines, and again from memory there is some evidence of GPO markers and "manhole" covers. Hope to be over in the Spring so may have a shuftie.

North to top for the layout plans.

Makes perfect sense now, never did know which way was up!

I was talking to an old farmer chap in Desborough last night, and I asked him if he recalled the Thors making their way through Rothwell, which he did. He also mentioned that his father worked for the council at the time, and any planning consents or other items such as road improvements that were to involve the council at one level or another were simply not recorded. The Ministry man told them to not minute any related meetings, and to just rubber stamp anything related to Harrington.

It would seem therefore, that anything local authority related at least, just does not exist.

That don't help research does it?

No, which is why we should try and make contact with as many people as possible that have first hand experience...

The Breighton site drawing can be found in Post 14 (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?1038-Thor-Sites&p=11925&viewfull=1#post11925) on the original Thor Sites Thread (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?1038-Thor-Sites)

Refering back to the plan layout, in particular the Caistor issue. I put that together fron OS map when i worked for the GPO.
Cut and pasted and details 'blanked' with WHITE TIPPEX !!!

Got a collection of Lincolnshire airfields as well from the same source. The maps were re-newed regularly as new Telecoms stuff was installed etc and hence updated. Some dated as far back as late 60's early 70's. Lol

North Luffenham model/drawing, still in the drafting stage:




Part-laid out model of the site being converted to plan form:


Some traces of fencing lines are visible in aerial imagery, these are being laid in and extrapolated where possible, S&I Building and associated structures still to be added.

Paul. Does this help? John. Dated 1959. NL Site_4.tif.jpg (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/attachment.php?attachmentid=5927&d=1316126685)

That helps a lot, many thanks John.

Updated North Luffenham layout:


Not sure if this is newly available information (it contains a potted history in one place) but here is a copy of a Douglas report from May 1963 - SM41860


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