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Richard Flagg
01-02-2012, 19:04
While bro#wsing google earth I noticed the airfield in the centre of Casablanca is in the process of being dug up, no doubt there will be modern development there in the future!! It is interesting to see it on GE Rollback.

1 - 2001 GE View

2 - 2010 GE View

3 - 2011 GE View

01-02-2012, 20:05
It looks nothing like that in the film!

01-02-2012, 20:30
Anfa is being redeveloped, in recent years it was switched mostly from international to local use as it got down graded with the upgrades coming into force at Mohammed V International (the old sister field too Anfa and called Berrechid/Nouasseur ). Royal Air Maroc who basically own/run Anfa moved most of their flights over to MVI after the new terminal was built in late 2005.

lol, the hangers in the film 'Casablanca' were not in Casablanca but Van Nuys Airport USA, sadly they also got demolished in 2008!..... GE 34.214743 -118.487333

01-02-2012, 20:37
No your kidding me, you mean the film wasnt real???