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26-02-2012, 20:25
This memorial is located next to a Hampshire By-way and remembers the crew of a Ju 88 crew (I/KG54) shot down during the Battle Of Britain. The memorial is located some two miles away from the aircraft crash site and is incorrectly dated as the aircraft was shot down on 21 August 1940. Spitfires of 234 Squadron from Middle Wallop made the interception the pilots being Squadron Leader O'Brien & Pilot Officer Bob Doe. P/O Doe visited the site of the crash and was horrified when he saw the remains of the crew and the results of the interception.



05-08-2013, 17:27
Just had an eMail informing me of the existance at Kings Somborne (opposite the current graveyard) of this memorial to the crew of a Ju88 shot down on 21 Aug 1940 S/Ldr Bob Doe of 234sqdn, Middle Wallop at about 14.15 hrs. The memorial apparently is incorrectly dated 23 Aug 1940.It is proposed to reset the memorial stone and correct date and add crew names. If I remember the area correctly the graveyard is on the west side of the A3057 about 400yd North of the village centre. KS is about 3 miles South of Stockbridge.

Maybe someone local (I am no longer in Hants) could have a look at this.

airfields man
06-08-2013, 17:44
Hi Dave, Many thanks for that information about the Ju 88 memorial. As it will soon be the 73rd anniversary of this crash maybe the stone has been removed for the alterations and to reset it. I will be down that way on thursday so may take a look if I get the time.

Hi hdf, Lovely photographs there, when did you take these. Looks like late autumn or winter time. Could you please send me the exact location if it is not where Dave has already mentioned. Many thanks.

Richard Flagg
24-06-2015, 19:11
Been tidied up since the record was put of Traces of War;