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26-02-2012, 21:37
Some photos from my expedition to find the remains of Hor Point CHL Radar Station. While there the sea mists rolled in!
At the end of the war the army blew up the station letting the concrete debris roll down the cliff slope towards the sea! This slab of reinforced concrete is a foot thick!

Some of the remains had this fine cement covering. Can anyone explain what and why please?

A securing ring still in situ on the station site.

This piece of concrete obviously was attached to some piece of equipment!

The view down the slope from the site of the radar station to where a pillbox was sited to the right of the grassy area just before the final cliff into the sea. The bulk of the radar station was on a flat plateau out of shot to the right and behind.

For a more detailed look at what I discovered

01-03-2012, 08:55
Some of the remains had this fine cement covering. Can anyone explain what and why please?

The main structure would have used a relatively coarse mix of cement, sand and aggregate resulting in a rough surface not too resistant to the weather. It looks as if some surfaces were 'rendered' with a quality mix of sand and cement to give a fair face and a smooth surface.

01-03-2012, 20:42
Thanks Peter. Although I've seen it before it's not too common among Cornish remains (or just hasn't survived as well!) In a number of cases buildings, pillboxes etc were covered with local stone to help disguise them into the landscape.

02-03-2012, 09:48
The coastal location with salty air has a way of attacking concrete if unprotected. Nowadays rigidly controlled mixes are specified and each batch tested and epoxy contents too. I'm no expert but saw the Saudi/Bahrain causeway under construction and learned a lot from the civil engineers on that job (drinking buddies:))