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01-09-2008, 10:58
Can anyone tell me what were the arrangements for the training of RAF radar mechanics during the war. Did they receive basic training at a specialist unit or did they do the square-bashing bit and then were dispatched to radar stations to undertake specialist training. If there were specialist training units for radar mechs, whereabouts were these located?

01-09-2008, 13:31
In the first inst, it might be worth trying a search on theBBC People's War (http://www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/) web site. Some good anecdotal stuff on there.

Might also be worth getting in touch with the guys at the radar museum at Neatishead, Norfolk (http://www.radarmuseum.co.uk/)

Only suggestions but worth a try. Hope this helps.


Richard Flagg
01-09-2008, 13:46
On the subject of Radar, it may also be worth contacting the Bawdsey Radar Group; http://www.bawdseyradargroup.co.uk/

01-09-2008, 13:47
This might help as well.http://www.bawdseyradargroup.co.uk/history1.htm

01-09-2008, 14:50
Many thanks for the suggestions. However, since posting the question I am now in touch with an ex radar mech who is enlightening me as to his training regime.

Richard Flagg
01-09-2008, 15:02
Boozefighters, keep us posted as it would be interesting to hear where they were trained.

Paul Francis
01-09-2008, 15:36
RAF Yatesbury was one of the radar schools

Richard Flagg
01-09-2008, 16:07
Was Compton Bassett Radar or Radio?

01-09-2008, 16:09
RAF Yatesbury was one of the radar schools
It was the principal radio and RDF mechanics school

1/40 to 5/42 No.2 Radio School. 5/42 to 1/43 No.2 RDF School. 1/43 to 1/46 No.9 Radio School.

Most of the other Radio/RDF schools trained operators.

01-09-2008, 16:16
Richaed asked:

Was Compton Bassett Radar or Radio?
Radio operators and telegraphists, plus Code & Cypher School.

No.3 Wireless and Electrical School, No.3 Signals School, No.5 Radio School.

14-12-2008, 01:42
In the post-war years until the mid-1950s both ground and air radar trained at Yatesbury along with air wireless training until 1956 when the ground radar school moved to Locking . There were separate trades and with specialisation in types of equipment.
Air Radar/Wireless training moved to Cosford and/or Newton after Yatesbury closed in the 1960s.
I can't believe that the wartime radars H2S, Gee and Oboe did not have a regime of formal training.
I think they were probably trained at Yatesbury during the war years.
PS. As an afterthought Arthur C. Clarke was at the Ground Radar School (GRSS) in the war years and I believe was President of the Ex-Yatesbury lot until his death. So the ground radar lot were there in the war years

21-12-2008, 20:54
I found this link which seems to confirm that Radar Mechanic training was at Yatesbury but interesting anyway
http://www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/stor ... 0205.shtml (http://www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/stories/05/a8040205.shtml)

08-05-2010, 16:19
Unless you were in a really specialist job such as a doctor then everyone did square bashing in wwii.
Today the specialists such as doctors, dentists and padres do a special course at Cranwell.

28-05-2011, 15:33
I realise I am picking this thread up 3 years late, but I would really like to hear what was found out about the training regime for radar operators.
I am researching a book and although I have some images and letters giving an insight into the life of an operator on station, I would really like more about the training stages.

My father trained at No.9 Radio School, RAF Yatesbury for about 6 weeks in Aug/Sept 1943. Could that really have been all it took to train a radar operator? it seems very short.