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John Anderson
08-04-2012, 18:39

Concorde Endurance Flying Programme July/August 1975.

Concorde taxying out from the Subang ramp for Bombay. The test programme had Concorde routing Heathrow, Bahrain, Bombay, initially Kuala Lumpur (Subang), later Singapore (Paya Lebar) and Melbourne. Initially Subang was used, as the runway at Paya Lebar was considered too "rough" and resonance affected Concorde's cockpit instruments at a critical point on take off. So while the runway was "smoothed" out (rumour had it paid for by the UK government) Subang was used for a month or so. Subsequently we all moved to Singapore-life was tough then!

Met Brian Trubshaw and Air Marshal Sir Geoffrey Tuttle (Deputy Chairman of BAC) who were both real gents. This was in stark contrast to a certain British government minister who literally danced with rage, when told his Concorde flight to Melbourne had gone u/s. I remember the local ground staff looking on in amazement and asking me who he was? Incidentally he is still in UK politics!

BAC, BA and UK CAA supplied the pilots and flight engineers. BA cabin crew however declined to take part (money!) so Air india, Gulfair and Singapore Airlines provided the cabin crew and were proud to do so.

Richard Flagg
09-04-2012, 01:05
I was in KL in 2003/04 for three months working for European Aviation Air Charter and the hotel we stayed at for the time there was near Subang. We often had aircraft departing from Subang flying above us! I managed to take this photo of an A330 taking off on 7 Feb 2004.