View Full Version : ST LUCIA - Hewanorra/Bean Field

John Anderson
12-04-2012, 19:45

A sad sight in 1979 with the hulk of a Boeing 707 on one of WW2 dispersals to the north of the main runway. Apparently the result of a heavy landing which made it uneconomic to repair.

Hewanorra is at the south of the island near Vieux Fort (Vigie is the northern airport near Castries) and is the main international airport. A WW2 US airbase (Bean Field) it was developed in the late 60's/early 70's with Canadian aid. A good, flat, long runway of about 10000 feet and as I recall a large ramp area. The terminal in 1971 resembled a white, wooden cricket pavilion and wasn't much bigger! The control tower was on top. Subsequently in the mid 70's the Canadians put in a nice new terminal and control tower (though perhaps more suited for a Canadian climate).