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14-04-2012, 07:47
Southburn is recorded as the site of No 91 Air Ammunition Park (AAP) opened in 1939.

Can anyone tell me the location with reasonable accuracy and confirm that storage was surface. Was there a rail connection into the site or a railhead with trucked transfer?

EDIT: Tried a Search on AiX before posting the query but nothing found. I vaguely remembered asking this question before so assume the posts had been lost in changeover to new format.

Then found it hidden under Mawcarse and another search flushed out more info!

Phillip Rhodes
16-04-2012, 16:32
The AAP was located a few miles south of RAF Driffield and was connected by rail to the Driffield to Market Weighton railway line.


Not much - is anything - remains of the site...!!!

Photo must be credited to Arrow 28 with thanks for posting it on AIX/ARG 14th January 2012. Photograph taken May/June 1945

16-04-2012, 16:58
Excellent photo!

Site was HERE (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=53.970564814304915&lon=-0.48037290573120117&gz=16&oz=4&gt=1). The remains of the 'roundabout at the southern end of the road are just visible

Main entrance VIEW (http://g.co/maps/32z49)

17-04-2012, 05:03
Good, thanks for re-posting the image. It confirms that there was a standard gauge rail spur curving into the site from the north. It was almost certainly lifted in the very early 1960s as part of the agricultural reclamation. With surface storage and temporary buildings easy to level that access road is the only tangible reminder that it was a military site.