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Richard Flagg
25-06-2012, 13:04
All these phtoos and info have been sent to me by Sarah Keep and I am very grateful to her for letting me use them.

Pleasant Peak, Mount Pleasant Complex
Memorial to SSgt CA Griffin and L/Cpl SJ Cockton 656 Sqn AAC and Maj M Forge and SSgt Baker RSigs who were killed when Gazelle XX377 was shot down at 0408Z 6 Jun 82 over Pleasant Peak. It is believed that they were shot down by a Sea Dart from H.M.S. Cardiff. The Gazelle was carrying two aircrew and two members of 5th Infantry Bde HQ and Signal Squadron.







Richard Flagg
25-06-2012, 13:05
Fitzroy - Bluff Cove Air Attacks









Richard Flagg
25-06-2012, 13:07
On the night of 11 June, British forces launched a brigade-sized night attack against the heavily defended ring of high ground surrounding Stanley. Units of 3 Commando Brigade, supported by naval gunfire from several Royal Navy ships, simultaneously assaulted in the Battle of Mount Harriet, Battle of Two Sisters, and Battle of Mount Longdon. Mount Harriet was taken at a cost of 2 British and 18 Argentine soldiers. At Two Sisters, the British faced both enemy resistance and friendly fire, but managed to capture their objectives. The toughest battle was at Mount Longdon. British forces were bogged down by assault rifle, mortar, machine gun, artillery fire, sniper fire, and ambushes. Despite this, the British continued their advance.

During this battle, 13 were killed when HMS Glamorgan, straying too close to shore while returning from the gun line, was struck by an improvised trailer-based Exocet MM38 launcher taken from the destroyer ARA Seguí by Argentine Navy technicians. On this day, Sgt Ian McKay of 4 Platoon, B Company, 3 Para died in a grenade attack on an Argentine bunker, which earned him a posthumous Victoria Cross. After a night of fierce fighting, all objectives were secured. Both sides suffered heavy losses.

The night of 13 June saw the start of the second phase of attacks, in which the momentum of the initial assault was maintained. 2 Para with CVRT support from The Blues and Royals, captured Wireless Ridge at the Battle of Wireless Ridge, at a loss of 3 British and 25 Argentine dead, and the 2nd battalion, Scots Guards captured Mount Tumbledown at the Battle of Mount Tumbledown, which cost 10 British and 30 Argentine lives.

With the last natural defence line at Mount Tumbledown breached, the Argentine town defences of Stanley began to falter. In the morning gloom, one company commander got lost and his junior officers became despondent. Private Santiago Carrizo of the 3rd Regiment described how a platoon commander ordered them to take up positions in the houses and "if a Kelper resists, shoot him", but the entire company did nothing of the kind.
A cease fire was declared on 14 June and the commander of the Argentine garrison in Stanley, Brigade General Mario Menéndez surrendered to Major General Jeremy Moore the same day.









Thanks again to Sarah for letting me post her photos.

Kevin Aeronca
06-02-2013, 18:14
Other memorials on the Islands are at San Carlos, where there is a general memorial and a small cemetery which includes the grave of H Jones, VC (both pictured); The Argentine Cemetery is at Goose Green (two photographs)11373113741137511376

Tony H
11-04-2013, 15:44
First of several taken during my last (fourth) visit down there in 2010

These two plaques are located in Christchurch Cathedral, Port Stanley (the worlds most southerly cathedral) and remember two local airmen from each world war - and lost a very long way from "home"


Tony H

Tony H
11-04-2013, 17:54

This selection covers the 63 Sqn RAF Regt memorial at Stanley Airport and the two 78 Sqn Chinook crash sites on E&W Falkland. ZA715's location is very remote and hasn't been visited for some time, the memorial to ZA721 is not far from MPC and is in a much better condition

Tony H

Tony H
11-04-2013, 17:59
Two images of the 2 Para Memorial overlooking Goose Green, the "H" Jones memorial in a steep gulley not far from Goose Green and his grave in San Carlos cemetery overlooking Blue Beach


Tony H

Tony H
11-04-2013, 18:06
Memorial artwork on the walls of the former refrigeration plant at Ajax Bay which became a casualty clearing stn (AKA The red and green life machine) Memorials at its rear to the temporary graves and finally on the hills above Ajax Bay a memorial to HMS's Ardent & Antelope


Tony H

Tony H
12-04-2013, 21:41

These images include; Lt Taylor's grave at Goose Green airfield (one of only two original graves left at the express wishes of his family. He was KIA when his Sea Harrier was shot down over the airfield and was subsequently buried with full military honours by the Argentines

Memorial to the crew of a Gazelle shot down by Pucara's near Camilla Creek House, Goose Green the pilot was KIA the observer was seriously injured. Lt Nunn was awarded the DFC for his actions and was buried at San Carlos Cemetery

Tony H
12-04-2013, 21:47

Last instalment covers the San Carlos Cemetery overlooking "Blue Beach" at Ajax Bay and the memorial at Teal Inlet,West Falkland where troops from 3 Para and 45 Commando first met during their long tab/yomp from Ajax Bay en route towards Port Stanley

Hope these have been of interest

Kind Regards

Tony H

Chris Lowe
12-04-2013, 21:50
Excellent Tony.

I'll have to point my mate at this post he was there with the Welsh Guards.

Tony H
13-05-2013, 20:58

A few more from my South Atlantic travels, two of the HMS Sheffield memorial on Sea Lion Island and two of the main memorial in Port Stanley


Tony H