View Full Version : Heswall Decoy, Thurstaston HAA and Thurstatston Army Camp (Wirral)

26-06-2012, 21:19
Tigger started me off on this one.

Don't ask me why they called it Heswall Decoy, it should rightly be Thurstaston Decoy.

The HAA site was originally 4 guns, obviously extended to 6 at a later date.

I was told the generator was in the field on the other side of the railway, but "they" may have been referring to the Decoy generator, which certainly was. I don't know then what the path led to across the railway.

The decoy bunker is still there ( http://www.minwex.org/phpBB3/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=91 ), the cables used to run over the bridge to the decoy, which was groups of fire baskets.

The Army camp is now a caravan site (hands up those who have been there). I know a few couples who actually "met" there.

This whole area was also served by a convenient railway station.

The whole area was used post-war for storing Uranium Ore (for Capenhurst), there were mountains of it. It is now a picnic site, with built in sandwich toasters everywhere.


27-06-2012, 06:07
Thanks. I shall try and visit the bunker when I am in the UK end of the year and will stay a while in Caldy.