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RFC Seaton Carew applies to two separate World War One locations one mile apart one a seaplane base and the other a land airfield.

Seaton Carew I was a landplane station
Seaton Carew I an irregular 72-acre field with maximum strips of around 2,000ft, located 3 miles to the south of Hartlepool and adjacent to the branch line to Seaton Snook, was surveyed in 1914 as a possible landing ground for No 36 Squadron.

In 1916 it was brought into service under the 46th Wing and was allocated for home defence aircraft and was provided with a technical area on the north-east corner, comprising three hangars - one reasonably large aeroplane shed and two Bessonneau hangars. The airfield became the base for 'C Flight' of 36 Squadron from May 1916 until June 1919.

On the night of 27 November 1916, airship L34 was looking for targets in the Hartlepool area when it was intercepted by Second Lieutenant L Pyott from Seaton Carew who fired upon and managed to set fire to the airship, which then crashed into the sea off West Hartlepool.

On 30 May 1918 No 495 Flight was formed at Seaton Carew I with Blackburn Kangaroos. A Kangaroo flown by Lt E. F. Waring sank U-Boat, UC-70, which was lying submerged on the sea bottom near Runswick Bay on 28 August 1918. The U-boat was badly damaged by a near miss by a 520 lb bomb and was finished off by the destroyer HMS Ouse.

Seaton Carew II, was a seaplane station
In 1918, there was a major effort to boost the coastal patrols to counter German submarines operating in the North Sea and Seaton Carew II, a small site on the coast by Seaton Snook was opened with a single slipway and a group of hangars and other sheds and huts.

Construction work continued to the end of 1918 and Various Flights were formed at this airfield. On 25th May 1918 Nos 451 & 452 Flights were formed, equipped with Baby seaplanes. On 30 Jun No 402 Flight was formed with Short 184.

All the Flights combined on 15th August 1918 to form No 246 Squadron which had both land based aircraft at Seaton Carew I and sea planes flying from Seaton Carew II. In May 1919 No 246 Squadron was disbanded and both Seaton Carew airfields were abandoned by October.

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Location here - http://www.nelsam.org.uk/NEAR/Airfields/Histories/SeatonCarewI.htm & http://www.nelsam.org.uk/NEAR/Airfields/Histories/SeatonCarewII.htm