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Thread: Tibenham

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    A couple of photos from today ...... Keith.

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    More aerials of Tibenham! This time ones I took on 19 October 2010.

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    A copy of article in the latest Diss Mercury;

    Officials at the Norfolk Gliding Club have submitted proposals for three new hangars at the 80ha (200 acres) airfield at Tibenham, near Diss - two of which will be used by businesses.
    Aerial survey company, Centerline Aerospace, which is currently based at Norwich International Airport, is looking to move its maintenance facility to the airfield by constructing a 32m x 40m hangar and workshop.
    Dickleburgh-based Anglia Sailplanes, which services and repairs gliders, has also expressed its intention to move to the site, if plans for a 14m x 28m hangar and workshop are approved.
    The third hangar, about 30m x 21m, would be used by the gliding club’s growing membership base, said officials.
    In an application to South Norfolk Council, Tony Griffiths, vice chairman of the Norfolk Gliding Club, said: “Maintaining the level of commitment to both community projects and our members together with the ever increasing costs of airfield infrastructure has required us to widen our membership catchment area to the point that we now have members as far away as Lincolnshire and Berkshire, but we would also like to strengthen our financial stability by inviting two commercial organisations to join us at Tibenham in addition to building another hangar for our members’ aircraft.”
    Centerline Aerospace currently employs eight people and Anglia Sailplanes has two staff. Club officials added that the proposals would not result in a major change to existing air traffic movements other than an estimated 10 to 12 take-offs and landings a month by Centerline

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    Couple more of Tibenham, taken on 13 March 2011

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    I had a well earned day off today and thought I'd head up to Tibenham. The first set of photos:

    50.000 Gallon Bulk Fuel Installation (Type 10)









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    Set two from today.

    Pillbox to the south of the airfield



    Communal Site No.1. Pump House No.1


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    Last set (for now anyway!!)

    A rather unusual airfield defence position, the English Oak Tree.......








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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis View Post
    Are they sited where they were originally Richard? There does not appear to be a lot of infrastruture you would expect close to tanks of this size.
    According to an official reference, tanks of this type were added to existing petrol storage at some airfields to increase capacity. Presumably Tibenham had a couple of standard 72.000 gallon BFIs?

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    MoggyC - There is definitley more to Tibenham than I had always thought. There is still more to see, I ran out of decent daylight yesterday to keep looking!

    PETERTHEEATER - I can only see one BFI on the RSP, located here: It is a 72,000 Gallon Installation, I didn't check it out yesterday but I plan on going back soon.

    buccaneer66 - would have loved to have climbed it but thos steps were a little too small to grad hold of in places!! Would be interesting to see the top bit for sure.

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    Aha - ! I climbed to the top when I noticed the staples in the tree a few years back when I was investigating the 'bunker' for want of a better expression. I inferred that the ring at the top supported a wooden platform, but to what purpose - ? The branches and foliage would have severly restricted much of the view to make it effective as an observation platform and certainly not stout enough to mount even a light AA weapon. It is though, almost certainly unique. My reason for investigating the 'bunker' was that there is an identical one at Hethel, but it is in the middle of a copse, surrounded by six brick machine gun emplacements and six brick slit trenches, all facing outwards. What is puzzling about it is the question what was its purpose and what was it defending - ? Enquiries with the local 389th. BG contacts have drawn a blank. Any ideas anyone - ?

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