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    The building in photo two and three looks like its here:

    This is right on the threshold of the E/W runway so its definitely not a wartime building. I'd say it was a farm building of some description.

    As for the first photo, I am not sure, its in the wrong location for the communal / living sites. Where were the bomb stores at Boxted? Could it be something to do with them? Or a defensive positon / searchlight?

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    The collapsed buildings are the remains of old chicken sheds. There were three of these baterries, two near Lodge Lane which is shown in your pictures. The other one over that side was situated where the new business park - the black wooden shuttered sort of buildings are. The sheds were kept apart in case disease occurred. The third shed still exists and is in a similar neglected state - though not quite as collapsed in on itself as the Lodge lane one. This is located over by Langham Lane near the museum site. This chicken shed was built on the base of the old T2 hangar. There is a lot of concrete in the ground over that area which is why the land is not used for farming. A lot of roadways I beleive.

    The site of the museum was built on a fuel storage area, with Old House Lane being fairly close by the other items in your picture could have something to do with fuel operations although I am only guessing.

    At the site of the chicken shed near the museum there was a lot of .50 calibre cartridges in the ground close by and a 1930's penny right behind it when I did some metal detecting some years ago. Along the peri track towards the museum there was also a lot of .50 cartridges and also pistol cartridges that I found.
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    Ref. Bomb store. This is where the reservoirs are located adjacent on Park Lane. There are two reservoirs, the larger one was the bomb store. If you use the map pic in post 51 and pan out you will see the reservoirs.


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    Thanks STAN11, looking at it on flashearth it looks like there is at least one fuzing point left, here:

    There is also a square brick structure to the east of this too, is that original?

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    The hut in your picture is original although it's had repairs done to it. There were about six smaller ones beyond that which sadly were demolished by the new landowner in recent years. There is another larger hut to the left and that is original too.

    To the right there are two small brick buildings and these too are original although I don't know what they were used for. Where the track branches in a sort of Y shape on its side, that was where the loading ramp was situated. That too sadly was dug up by the new landowner in recent years.

    When the six small nissen huts were being demolished I tried to get hold of the frames which would possibly have been of use for our museum build. All they would have needed was shot blasting if that. But sadly the new landlord just wanted them removed and scrapped.

    Just to reiterate, the airfield is split into two parts. One side has been owned by the same person since the 1960's and is a member of the Historical Group - the side where our museum is located. The other side has been in new ownership since 2007 - ths is the side where the reservoirs are located. The new owner has been supportive of the museum project providing hardcore materials and also allowed the private Ins Fly Ins to continue. It was just a shame about the nissen huts being demolished.
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    Stan, what is access like? I'd like to head down and have a look at them sometime if its possible?

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    There are a few designated footpaths over the old airfield but a lot of people don't keep to them. The new landowener seems a bit more relaxed now to when he first moved in and he sealed it all up quite tightly and upset a lot of the locals. The main memorial area gates were nearly always left open by the Williamsons but they're now locked and the style which used to be next to the gates was removed. People always thought that there was a public footpath from the memorial up the route of the old main runway, In fact it was a 'Permitted Access' path whereby the landowner let people in that way with his discretion. So the local dog walkers were well cheesed off.

    There is a footppath going into the area where the reservoirs are a bit further from the main memorial in Park Lane. If you head towards the A12 down Park Lane you will see a newish small business park then some houses. The footpath is between the business park and the houses - there's one always flying a tatty England flag.

    The local Parish Council tried to save the six small nissen huts that I mentioned without success.

    It's unlikely you'd get confronted by anyone but if you're worried and want someone to accompany you give me a shout and depending on what I'm doing I might be about. Although there's not a great deal left to see really which is an awful shame.

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    View from smaller reservoir towards Park Lane showing the small nissen huts that were demolished 2007.

    As you can see they huts were in poor condition, but none the less they'd been there all those years and it was a shame to see them go.

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    Thanks for that Stan, I will head down there soon. I'll drop you a line as well, its always good to have someone local who whos the place with you whn you go and look around.

    Shame to hear the old nissen huts were demolished, at least you have recorded them though.


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    A few more pics of the bomb store area. The loading ramp and smaller huts being removed in Feb 2007.

    Loading ramp nearly gone. Far right the building which can been seen in your post 54 pic which is still in existance.

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