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Thread: Bomber Command WWII HQ

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    I spent quite a while here today, the owner having much knowledge of his historic home that they have lived in for the last nine years told me that little has changed on the frontal area since the war. Inside the flooring was replaced, also the roof in places. The rear building shown is original, the right-end of this divided structure was where Harris kept his Horse and carriage and was built c1780s. The left side past the down-pipe was 1890s.

    This ''newish'' looking building is an original Workers Cottage that was about to collapse. After being demolished it was then re-grounded and re-built and is now an offfice. The original brick with the WW 1895 date inscribed is that of William Weller a Brewer, and Captain of the Kingshill cricket team who also lived there.

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    The old WWII bunker at Walters Ash is located just next to the new bunker, you can see it as you approach the main gate to enter the new bunker. This grass mount covered in trees is basically the top of the old bunker:

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    Quote Originally Posted by R33 View Post
    The old WWII bunker at Walters Ash is located just next to the new bunker, you can see it as you approach the main gate to enter the new bunker. This grass mount covered in trees is basically the top of the old bunker:
    Worked in United Kingdom Regional Air Opeartions Centre (UKRAOC) bunker from 1987 until 1989 within the Emergency Action Squadronwhich was situated in the former bomber command operations map room. The bunker was built on 3 levels with the top floor containing RAF policeman doing control of entry, the rest of the top floor contained the communications centre (COMMCEN), executives batle management area (which overlooked the ops room) and various operational planning rooms, including the the bomber controller room, where it was of my duties to do a test on a daily basis the former Bomber Controller comms (orginated from when the RAF held the Nuclear role with the V force) link to the former Nuke airfields, where Tornado's would have been made ready to unleash the deadly cargo they carried (WE177).

    The middle floor contained the main operations staff, including the Duty Controller who was responsible for Scrambling the UK QRA aircraft that were based at either Leuchars, Coningsby or Wattisham.Other staff that were risdent on this floor were the technical staff, who maintained the telecommiunications,communications and various ADP systems. Another room within the Ops room was the TV studio, in which weekly and in some cases daily briefings were given to AOC Strike Command and other senior officers at High Wycombe.

    The lower floor contained the generator plant room and air conditioning plant room. In my time there . this was subject to frequent flooding,and I remember on more than one occasion having to clear the lower level of water due to the ingress through the bunker structure. On the middle level there was a door at the end of the corridor, which led to an access tunnel that apparently led all the way to Bomber Harris former office bulding, which was in my time there OC GD flt office within Station Headquarters. Though I did venture down thre one dayon the request of Warrant Officer Ops to check on the level of water ingress. The floor was covered in duck boards, which was just as well as there was always a couple of inches of water covering the floor, halway down the tunnel there was a room on the left hand side, that seemed to be a Police Security post. I never ventured any furtherto the lack of suitable lighting, the corridor leading down also had bunks attached to walls to act as shelter in the event of a crisis or war.

    During the early part of 1989 we moved the whole of the Operations section over to the new PWHQ (Primary War Headquarters) bunker that was situated a short distance from the Bomber Command Bunker. I have often wondered, what has become of the old bunker, I like others spent a vast amount of our time providing spit and polish to the place, as there was no shortage of senior officers from overseas or national visiting the bunker. My last visit to the old bunker was in 1991, when I was posted back to High Wycombe, and I had to go down to the old TV studio to change some communications settings that were remote from the new PWHQ. What a sorry state the place was, there was a least 4 inches of water covering the floors on the top and middle level, would hate to think how deep it was on the lower level (Plant Room). It was not long after my visit the old bunker was deemded off limits due to Health and Safety. As far as I know no photgraphic record exsists of the bunker apart from a few photographs in the IWM taken during WWII.

    I have a few contacts still at Air Command and hoping that approach to them might throw up some information about the old Bomber Command bunker and its its current strctural state. If I receive anything of note back, I will post it on this forum. I hope the information I have shared has been of Interest to members of the forum.

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    RAF Bawtry Hall Bomber Command HQ June 1987.BMP
    RAF Bawtry Hall was sold in August 1987 to a Welbeck Estate Group company by Bell Watson of Gainsborough on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. As this was not Welbeck's normal acquisition specialising in married quarter Estates and former RAF airfields the following year they resold it through Earl and Lawrence Prudential Property RAF Bawtry Hall HQ Sale Earl & Lawrence Pru 22 Jan 1988.BMP of Lincoln. Closeby Welbeck then ahead to acquire the domestic and technical site and married quarters at RAF Hemswell and the post war married quarters at RAF Finningly. Attached are the sale particulars prepared for Welbeck for Bawtry Hall

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