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Thread: Driffield

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    Quote Originally Posted by ted angus View Post
    Does anyone have the book I mentioned in my post on 26th re the OPs viz unwounded decontam piccy ' If not I will scan to seek an opinion.
    I have the book , originally published by PSL but since reprinted by Pen and Sword , and I agree that the photo is of a Decontamination Centre and not Ops Block but I'm not sure if it is wounded or unwounded ? I suspect unwounded as Phillip reports that as now demolished ? In the photo houses can be seen at the rear so where was it on site ? Possibly at the north end near where Lumsden Close shows up on GE or are the houses the ones in Auchinleck Way opposite the camp across the A614 ? I also recommend reading 'Strong Foundations' , Driffield Aerodrome 1917-2000 by Simmons and Abraham , Hutton Press 2001 which has several plans and photographs of the airfield at various stages of its development including 1938 but the Decontamination Centre is not shown but if it was near the SSQ then it may well have been close to the A614 and the camp entrance ? Perhaps Phillip can tell us where it was ?
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    The Decontamination Centre (wounded) was converted into army cadet accommodation (see below).

    The SSQ was located to the east of the SHQ. Check out: for photographs of RAF Driffield:

    There is a photograph printed in The Driffield Times of CrTs being refurbished at Driffield in one of their back-issues. When I get the time (yer, right), I might go through all the back issues of this newspaper and collate copies of everything relating to RAF Driffield.

    Best Wishes

    Phil Rhodes

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    Following on from a deviation in the Thor missile pad locations thread, I now have aerials of Driffield circa 1942 and 1960.

    I have been trying for some time to positively locate the site of the original bomb store which was the typical Expansion period (pre-war) type. These were permanent build but inefficient to use once the bombing offensive escalated. It was usual, when a grass surface airfield upgraded to Class A standard with paved runways to also supplement existing pre-war and 1940 bomb stores with additional 'rolling' Bomb Stores to AM drawing 3164/42 or later and this was done at Driffield in 1943. But why couldn't I see the remains or location of the pre-war bomb store?

    The answer is that when the airfield was upgraded to Class A the most northern runway 10/28 was laid right through the original bomb store which was demolished and levelled. Someone must have have been crying at the waste! The later bomb store was then built in just slightly further to the north between the new perimeter track and the LNER railway.

    Of all the Expansion stations, I think that Driffield was the only one station to lose its' orginal bomb store during the war

    Bases of Bomber Command by the late Roger Freeman is incorrect in stating that the bomb store (original) was in the northwest, it was in the north even allowing for the magnetic shift.

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    Default Re: RAF Driffield - Local Council NEED YOUR VIEWS

    i heard from a work mate that raf driffield was starting to be used by dst at leconfilked so they may be hope for the old girl yet

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    Thought I would inform everyone that the officer's mess at Driffield is to be demolished in the next few weeks. Because the building is unsafe they don't need planning permission. And why is the building unsafe? Because it has been vandalised.
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    I understand that the married quarters are also being prepared for demolition.

    Check out: (second post)


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    Revisited the site today (secured permission first). What freaked me out were the half-empty bottles of fresh milk scattered around the place! The officer's mess is being cleansed of asbestos and isn't long for this world. Took 366 photographs. Lot of superficial damage thanks to both local vandals and scrap metal thieves. Weird day and terrible week. Still I'm glad I visited the site - possible for the last time. Hope to secure a few mementos though what I know not. I will have to ask the owners. Maybe they can let me have the officer mess - I can carry a few bricks one with me on the train :O)

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    Any idea what the progress of demolition is anyone? Is the Mess still there at the moment, and any idea of how long for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcade Al View Post
    Any idea what the progress of demolition is anyone? Is the Mess still there at the moment, and any idea of how long for?
    Hello Arcade Al

    The building will be up for another weekend. The bad news is that it is the local council who are insisting that the building be demolished. Not only that but all the houses and the boiler house are to be removed. The police and fire service have spent the last two-three years battling vandals and scrap metal thieves. I spoke to the council and they insist these buildings be demolished with no room for appeal. Any advice would be appreciated.

    The council wrote to me: In the interests of public safety, we have regrettably been left with no alternative but to use emergency measures under the Building Act 1984 to require the owners to demolish and make safe a number of buildings on the site. This currently includes the sports hall, officer's mess and housing.

    Can I ask that everyone who has the opportunity to photograph the buildings, securing permission first from the owners! Personally I'd like to take measurements, but I can't return.
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    The officer's mess is in the process of being demolished today (and the houses will following soon). So, if you want to photograph its final moments, please be my guest. The owners are amenable to having enthusiasts onsite, just keep out of the way.
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