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    Recently a Channel 5 TV programme about the Red Arrows showed a large hangar at RAF Akrotiri. Does anyone have pics, sizes of same?

    I would be interested in any large hangars at the other Middle East/Far East RAF airfields too.


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    This photo was taken on 18th November 2003 as we taxied past, it shows part of the hangar but I was more interested with what was parked next to it at that time! Excuse the quality it was taken through a rather dirty window!

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    Wow! I bet they already have you targeted by a Predator - you ought to sit under your kitchen table for the next couple of hours!

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    Its an acknowledged fact that the USAF has a U2/TR1 det at Akrotiri. In fact a mate of mine got a Queens commendation for bravery after one of them decided to hit the tower on take off in 77.

    And when I flew back from Akrotiri I had two American "civilian contractors" from the det in the row in front of me. Of course they werent CIA were they!

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    A selection of photos taken by me at RAF Akrotiri, I know they are of aircraft but I was flying in and out of there regularly in 2003! They may interest some of you anyway.

    One of our aircraft, ex BA aircraft, B747-236B (G-BDXH)

    Some of the troops approaching our plane, you can see the terminal in the background

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    REF tut tut

    DoD images

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    Anyone got any pictures of the Lightnings when they were based there?

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    UK MIL AIP - Akrotiri 6 July 2006
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