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Thread: Samlesbury

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    No one has said that the BAe plant is closing, just that the airfield is probably no more.

    By the way I can see Samlebury from my living room, and Ive noticed that a mast has been erected on the airfield.

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    Just been doing some research on a project and noticed how different Samlesbury looks now, these screen shots show you haw out of date some GE images are compared to Bing but it shows how the airfield landscape has changed in the past year or so as well.

    GE from 2002

    GE from 2009 (Latest coverage)

    Bing Maps from 2011

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    One aft fuselage set per day? That's a lot of money to create jobs for less than three months work?

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    That's ten men operating the titanium facility and 990 in the new office block.

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