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    I have always understood that the flight shed (roof at least) was the twin of hanger No. 2 at Speke Airport, which is very well, and is in use as the HQ of the Littlewoods Shop Direct Group, so at least one of them was saved. I should have some pictures of the inside of the flightshed somewhere (but they are not my copyright).

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    Interesting, I thought the roof of the Flight Shed was Listed and hence couldn't be touched. I was gutted when I drove past a few weeks back and saw it gone. I had to turn round and drive past again just to check!

    Good video as well, not sure why it had the soundtrack of a 1970s porno though?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kirk View Post
    The is a good YouTube film at the bottom of this page showing Hurricane manufacture at Longbridge and nearer the end a rollout of one for flight testing. It shows the lift (inclined lift) and take off from the small airfield.
    There is a good sequence of photos taken in the 1920s and 1930s in the Britain From above website ( ) that shows the development of the airfield at Longbridge.

    The airfield appears to have been built up using the spoil from the conversion of the nearby rail tunnel into a cutting. An inclined roadway originally ran from north to south up from the factory to the airfield. The inclined lift, running up from west to east, appears to have been built in about 1935.


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