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Thread: Gymnasium, Chancel & Cinema

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    Default Re: Gym / Chancel Extent...Photos Only!

    middle wallop 2004 village hall

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    Default Re: Gym / Chancel Extent...Photos Only!

    Carew Cheriton

    Andrew its still there as of pring 2009

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    Default Re: Gym / Chancel Extent...Photos Only!

    Bury St Edmunds / Rougham, Suffolk - July 2009

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    Oulton, Norfolk - 15 March 2011

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    Barkston Heath - 9 September 2010

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    here are three from Rednal taken in febuary 2011

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    Default Re: gymnasiums

    I have a few questions on Gymnasiums, I hope that someone maybe able to help!

    The gymnasium in question is at Great Ashfield and is due to be demolished very soon.

    First a couple of general photos of the building.

    Photo lloking at the south side of the gym, with the changing rooms, store rooms and toilet annexe

    Looking inside the gymnasium

    The main steel bar running the length of the building

    On the bar were these brackets, believed to be used for ropes, can anyone confirm? There were two per bay

    At the Chancel end of the gym there were these to steel supporting rods, they are attached to the roof but not to the wall, were they supporting braces? Where would they have been attached too?

    Same subject as the photo above, different angle

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    Second post...

    There were these black out shutters still in place on some windows, I assume all windows would have had them fitted?

    Below some of the windows, there was these two wooden bars fixed to the wall, what were they for? (three pics)

    The Chancel annexe. The concrete is raised here and looks like things were built, possibly a wall but there is a ramp as well, would these be original? What would it have looked like?

    This I assume to be the vestry office, but it has bee re-walled and it now one bay shorter. Can anyone add comments to this please?

    More to follow

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    Post three.....

    Outside now, chancel end.

    This now has four bays but I personally think it was built with five bays as the floor is still in situ outside but the rear wall has been rebuilt. What are your opinions of this please? (three pics)

    The door way has been blocked up to the vestry office and rendered, but has the rest of the wall been re-rendered? I think it has but would welcome comments on this too.

    North facing wall where the chancel meets the gym, has this area been re-rendered too?

    On the south side, where the chancel meets the gym, this corner has been badly weathered but it looks like another layer of bricks has been built next to the pillar of bricks as there is a gap between them, comments please? (three pics)

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    Default Re: gymnasiums

    Last post for now...

    On the south side, the main dorr has been blocked up and rendered, again I think the rest of the wall has been re-rendered, can anyone confirm this too please? (two pics)

    Also, what is this bit of metal?

    Interesting to not that two types of brick have been used, forget the names at the moment but I'll post them up when I remember!

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