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Thread: Windrush

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnaby View Post
    Someone must preserve those chimney pots.

    I know where there are several of those up at RAF Bibury, piled up in the woods,are they a standard RAF pattern?

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    I think there are standard Handcraft 'Aerolet' ventillators as used by the RAF.

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    Very interesting story:

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    Someone sent me some pics of the wreckage of the Heinkel taken by a RAF chap from Bibury a while ago.

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    Windrush Control Tower and Ident Letters - 12 March 2010

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    Windrush 1982.jpgWindrush tower 1983 before Midland Parachute Centre commenced renovations.Note Met Section to the rear is still extant,with wall boards in situ at that time.

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    That's nice to see. The Met section had gone by the time of my first visit sometime around 1986.

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    Windrush Water Supply ?
    While out walking in the Cotswolds at the weekend, I came across this military looking building on the bank of the Sherborne Brook, close to Windrush mill, about 1 mile north of the airfield. Location is 5149'16.49"N 143'27.70"W

    In front the building is some form of infilled tank/lagoon. Do you agree the building looks like a RAF design? Could this be a pumping station to supply water to the airfield? There is something on the 1945 GE image, but not clear. It appears on 1955 post war mapping as a building, no legend, but not on pre-war 1920's maps?

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    It's *possible* it's something to do with RAF Windrush although I'm thinking it's more likely something to do with the old US camp and hospital at Great Barrington.

    The site plan I have for Windrush shows nothing related to the airfield in that area. Most of the other airfields like Down Ampney or Chedworth that have remote water pumping sites, etc. have them shown as an insert on the main site plan.

    Either way, this site is approx 1.5 miles from Windrush and only about 0.5 mile from the camp. I'm more inclined to think it's for the camp as you'd need a fair bit of effort to pump water 1.5 miles uphill to the airfield.
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    Interesting.... I wasn't aware of the Great Barrington camp, thanks for the feedback.

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