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Thread: Marham

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    Default Re: RAF Marham

    Found an old one, think this was 1995 ish, how to get the artic camo off a jet !

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    Default Re: RAF Marham

    RAF Marham map from


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    Default Re: RAF Marham

    From todays EDP:

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    Default Re: RAF Marham

    Wonder if anyone could help me out with this...

    Been trying to find out just what it was, and if anyone else saw it, but no luck so far. I made a request to the base but they refused to disclose.

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    Whatever it was, it was NOT a Bloodhound missile launch (or a Thor for that matter).

    Bloodhound was only ever fired from UK soil at Aberporth. Bloodhound was not based at Marham in the 1970s - they left there in the early 1960s. Bloodhound did not lauch vertically - it went off at the angle shown in the pic on your thread, and very fast.

    The only vertical launch missile we had, Thor, was never based at Marham and they were only ever launched in the USA.

    Were you watching an aircraft climb out from Marham using reheat?
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    We discussed this in another thread as I recall. The statement is full of improbable lines.

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    A few photos from a rather damp, but very enjoyable morning at RAF Marham. Thanks to Ade for organising the visit.

    1 - 'Shiny Two'

    2 - Aircraft Armed

    3 - Stop

    4 - Airpower

    5 - Canberra

    6 - Control Tower

    7 - Cheiftan Tank

    8 - HAS

    9 - Inside the Parachute Packing Store

    10 - Yarnold Sangar Pillbox

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    And a few more continuing on from the ones above....

    11 - Shiny Two

    12 - Shiny Two

    13 - Shiny Two

    14 - Victor

    15 - 31 Sqn 'Goldstars' Memorial

    16 - HAS Site

    17 - Tucked in a HAS somewhere

    18 - Type 22 Pillbox

    19 - Pair of Tornados recovering to base

    20 - The lone Tornado returns home

    All for now...

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    Default Re: Marham

    Very nice Rich and I see your Wrecks & Relics Canberra has made an appearance in the thread

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    Default Re: Marham

    From todays EDP newspaper

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