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Thread: RAF in Norfolk

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    Default Norfolk airfields in 1920

    Dear All

    I believe the following bases were still open in Summer 1920 -

    Bircham Newton;
    Great Yarmouth;
    Harling Road;
    Hickling Broad;
    Mousehold Heath.

    Can anyone tell me about what squadrons/units who were active from these sites?



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    Default RAF in Norfolk

    Ok as my previous query hasn't elicited any replies, let me ask the question differently....

    Having looked at Ken Delve's book "The military airfields of Britain - East Anglia" it seems that during 1919 the RAF withdrew entirely from Norfolk. Is this correct? Was air defence for the county being provided from elsewhere? I can't believe we had wound down to the extent of having no air defence at all on this part of the East Coast!



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    Default Re: RAF in Norfolk

    I can well believe it, I did read somewhere that within a year of the armistice there were something like 6 squadrons in the UK!

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    Default Re: Norfolk airfields in 1920

    Hi Andrew, welcome to the forum.

    I have a feeling that Bircham Newton was closed and being re built around then, I'll have to check for definate.

    Mousehold Heath was a Boulton & Paul factory and Norwich Airport I believe.

    Not sure on the others, will have a look and get back to you.

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    Default Re: RAF in Norfolk

    By 1920 a lot of airfields were being or had been dismantled.

    France was seen as the next possible enemy so everything was moved south.

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