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Thread: DECOY SITE - Maxey

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    Default DECOY SITE - Maxey

    Located near the Cambridgeshire village of Maxey was number 2 decoy site for RAF Wittering, coded Q34. Today the control bunker can still be seen.

    Control bunker

    View south from the bunker, where the "airfield" would have been

    Bunker and view over the airfield

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    Default Re: Maxey - RAF Wittering Decoy Site

    Ideal for Brer Rabbit; well drained, nice view!

    I wonder if it would also have protected Essendine, a planned airfield that was never built, located 8.5 kms to the north west?

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    Default Re: Maxey - RAF Wittering Decoy Site

    Noteworthy information is the fact that the Market Deeping ROC Post is located right next to this bunker, in the other end of the mound.
    A few bunnies have fallen down the vent shaft in the roc and starved to death over the years.

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    Default Re: Maxey - RAF Wittering Decoy Site

    This site is quite amazing, the decoy airfield, the shelter and the ROC, all on the same site and only 3 miles away from the ROTOR station at Langtoft. The shelter was used when the ROC was active for housing a generator.

    I've got a story somewhere about a german plane that crashed in the old post office at Maxey.

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    Default Re: Maxey - RAF Wittering Decoy Site

    A few photos I took earlier this year

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    Default Maxey - Signals Unit

    I note that SD747 (1955) has a sheet on Maxey and describes it as:

    RAF 90 Group, (subsite of No.661 Signals Unit - Mere, Branston).

    It has three permanent brick HF/DF operations buildings, mains water and electricity are provided and a 20 kVA Lister standby unit.

    On another note the sheet states that it is 2 miles south of Market Deeping, and 6 miles north of Peterborough and is in the county of DEVONSHIRE!

    These are official records .

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