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Thread: Ludham

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    Default Ludham

    I happened to be passing the old airfield at Ludham a couple of days ago and thought I would drop in and take some photos of the old watch towers that are still extant, I was supposed to be working so dont tell the boss!!!

    There are some interesting comparison photos here:" onclick=";return false

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    Default Re: Ludham Airfield

    Great photos Johnny. Thanks for posting.

    I remember visiting this place back in 2003 during a holiday on the coast nearby and both control towers had been preserved and were at the time part of a small museum on the site!..
    It's such a shame to see the buildings derilict yet again. I take it that the museum project has folded then!!!

    I hope the runways still in use at least!


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    Default Re: Ludham Airfield

    Yes Steve you are correct about the museum, hence the rather "interesting" colour scheme. I first visited this site about 4 years ago and the museum was gone by then. The runway is still in use by a private flying club using an old blister hanger. There was no one around when I was there so I didn't take a photo then as I always like to gain permission first but I' m in the area quite frequently so I will try again. There are also some derelict buildings over the west side I believe.
    Just as an aside I met an old boy on my visit who told me that the site is up or sale for about 120,000 and that the buildings are listed but I don't know how true that is.
    Any takers???

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    Default Re: Ludham Airfield

    Taken 21st April 2009

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    Default Re: Ludham

    I took these photographs on 1-8-89. At that time, or there abouts a museum was being formed. I joined and received a few newsletters. Shame to see it now.

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    Default Re: Ludham

    I took a run out to Ludham yesterday and had a general look round. Both the old towers are still in reasonable shape but the area around them is overgrown with very long grass and looks totally neglected. The small tower in particular is suffering some vandalism (mainly spray painting) and has a fair amount of rubbish in it. Here are a couple of pictures showing both towers :
    Ludham-13Sept11-034s.jpg Ludham-13Sept11-049s-BW.jpg

    The all commands watch office seems to be fairing a bit better, but there is no sign of any restoration so I don't know what happened to the idea of turning the Tower into a house.

    There is no glass in most of the windows which are covered with strong mesh but it is clear that people have got in at some point in the past and again there is evidence of graffiti. I took the picture below through one of the South side windows at the front of the tower.

    I managed to find a variety of other buildings and structures which I could do with some help in identifying. I'll put up a separate post on these once I've sorted out the pictures.
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    Default Re: Ludham - Buildings in S.W. Corner of Airfield

    While having a look around Ludham I found a group of at least six buildings in the South Western corner of the airfield. They are near a cross roads on the outskirts of the village. This first building is in a field and clearly visible from the road :
    Small Building off Malthouse Lane Ludham -13Sept11.jpg
    It isn't particularly tall and apart from the main door opening and small window next to it there don't seem to be any other windows which seems a bit strange. Looking at the 1946 aerial photograph there is a track from this building to the end of the nearest runway.

    The remaining buildings are all close to each other next the cross roads. One building has been converted into a private dwelling but behind it is the largest building of the group which I wonder if it might be a night flying equipment shed ? This pictures shows the house and the largest building.
    Buildings FrittonRd-MalthouseLne-Ludham-13Sept11.jpg

    And this shows the back of the largest building with a smaller building on the right which looks like some sort of tractor or MT shed.
    Large Shed Ludham-13Sept11.jpg

    This is a closer shot of the smaller shed.
    Small Shed Ludham-13Sept11.jpg

    Finally there are two partly overgrown buildings which back on to a public road but are almost invisible from the road due to the vegitation and trees. This shot of them was taken from the corner of an adjacent field.
    Overgrown Buildings Ludham-13Sept11.jpg

    There is at least one more small building in the undergrowth near these buildings but it is so overgrown it was impossible to get a decent picture of it.

    If anyone knows / can confirm what these buildings were originally used for I'd be most interested to know.
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    Default Re: Ludham - Buildings in S.W. Corner of Airfield

    John, ref the post above I have the following from notes from my visit a couple years ago.

    First photo - Small Arms & Ammunition Store (Building 151) (Drg No 12725/41)

    Second photo - LEFT: A.M.W.D Works Services Building (Building 147), RIGHT: A.M.W.D Mechanical Plant Store (Building 14 (Drg No WA7/287/41)

    Third photo - LEFT: A.M.W.D Mechanical Plant Store (Building 14 (Drg No WA7/287/41), RIGHT: A.M.W.D Canteen & Rest Room (Building 150)

    Fourth photo - A.M.W.D Canteen & Rest Room (Building 150)

    Fifth photo - LEFT: Contractors Hut (Building 143), RIGHT: Contractors Hut (Building 144)

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Ludham - Buildings & Structures North East Side of Airfield

    To conclude my circular tour of Ludham I had a look at the North Eastern part of the airfield. I found what I believe are the remains of the Gun Stop Butts in a field next to Market Road.
    Gun Butts - Rear - Ludham-13Sept11.jpg Gun Butts Front - Ludham-13Sept11.jpg

    However close by I also spotted this :
    Building in Bush Ludham-13Sept11.jpg

    Believe it or not there is a complete building in there but you can only see the bottom 18" of the walls other than in a few places. Although not distinct the building is visible on the 1946 aerial photograph although even then it seems partly hidden in a hedge. In 1946 it was next to a track leading from one of the fighter pens.

    Finally just off the Eastern side of Long Lane (continuation of Market Road heading North) I came across this circular piece of concrete hard standing. The farmer has squared it off with new concrete but the old circle is still clearly visible.
    Concrete Circle Ludham-13Sept11.jpg

    Again this is identifiable on the 1946 aerial photograph but it is not really on the airfield proper and I don't think it was an aircraft dispersal. Looking at Google Earth and the 1946 aerial there is another similar concrete circle further North up Long Lane but down a track to the West of the road. What were these for ? Were they for AA guns ?
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    Default Ludham - Dispersed Site No2

    Took another drive out to Ludham last weekend and came across what I believe are a couple of the old wartime buildings on Site No2. The area, to the south of Catfield, is now some sort of industrial property mainly used by a haulage contractor. These are the buildings :

    Ludham-Site2-15Oct11-003.jpg Ludham-Site2-15Oct11-005.jpg

    There is at lease one other building in the same area that looks to be of wartime design (and I think I can see on the 1946 aerial photographs) but it was too difficult to photograph as it is in an area largely obscured by a high fence.

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