This memorial is at Ploubalay 13KM south west of Saint-Malo. The Pilot was Lt Edward W Durst. A 7th Photo Recce Group. Along with three other pilots they were mapping the Saint Malo area when suddenly his plane left formation went into a steep dive and crashed. As the other pilots could get no reply from him they said that it must have been oxygen failure as there was no enemy action. Also included on this memorial is Private Charles Dysko of the 802nd Tank Destroyer Battalion. The Plaque says, In memory of Lieutenant EDWARD DURST US AIR FORCE who fell on 24 july 1944 and private CHARLES DYSKO 802nd Tank Desrtoyer Battalion killed in action on 7th August 1944 They died for our liberty. 6th August 1994 fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of PLOUBALAY.