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    Quote Originally Posted by PETERTHEEATER View Post
    As has been stated, they were common to Medium Machine Gun post typically the Vickers gun fired from a mounting. Considering that these guns (water cooled) were capable of sustained firing, the amount of gas blow-back from the muzzle was a liability in enclosed spaces especially if there was a wind blowing against the embrasure.

    The ventilation duct would assist the escape of warm air at ceiling level and create some ventilation. The dog-leg was intended to defeat furtive grenade or small arms fire against the occupants.
    Many thanks Peter.

    Is this square opening in the interior wall of this type 28a also for ventilation, or simply for communication between the two chambers? It's somewhat lower down than the vent discussed above. This pillbox is also on the GHQ line near Hartford End in Essex.


    EDIT: I think I have just found the answer on the Pillbox Study Group website where it suggests such an aperture is for "observation, close protection and possible venting"
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    Yes, the primary purpose was to be able to shout to the occupants in the adjacent room and sneak a look if there was suspicion that the enemy had got in, and use it as a pistol port. Being an 'ole in the wall' it would give some cross ventilation. Not protected against grenades......

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    Quote Originally Posted by DG1 View Post
    Bit of controversy about this pill box is it ww1 or 2 ?
    Stiffkey pillbox has been restored.

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