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Thread: Aintree

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    Kirkby was ROF 57 and was Filling Factory No 7 so stored explosives and filled munitions. Fazakerley was ROF No 8 which was an 'engineering' factory; no explosives so no store buildings.

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    I think it may have been at Kirkby that an inspector was awarded the George Medal after an incident. He was already a GC hoder.

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    ROF engineering and filling factories were often built as pairs, the engineering factory producing the shell casings and the filling factories, filling and despatching the complete item. Fazackerley was amongst many things, a balloon depot, Napiers had a engine test facility there too I think.

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    The motor racing course is still at Aintree, to the east of Melling Road and is used by the Aintree Motor Cycle Racing Club who hold around six meeting a year. The motorcyclist in this photo is the guy I go flying with to get my aerial photo's

    Grand National Day produces dozens of helicopter flights with some great photo opportunities.

    The very first aircraft flight at Aintree was by Samuel F Cody in November 1909. Full story on the North West Aviation News forum at

    Martin Keen of Keenair celebrated the 100 anniversary of the first ever (distance) flight made by an aeroplane on Merseyside in his Tiger Moth G-AMCK on 29th December 2009 departing from Aintree to St Helens

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