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    Default Historic approval for RAF Uxbridge

    Historic approval for RAF Uxbridge

    Taken from the Uxbridge Gazzette

    THE first steps in securing a historic planning approval for RAF Uxbridge were granted last night. (Monday)

    Councillors thrashed out planning conditions for 1,340 homes, a primary school, shops, and a theatre, at a two hour meeting.

    This was preceded by a three and a half hour meeting in December, leading planning chairman Councillor John Hensley to declare the monumental town centre extension as 'a record for the time spent considering a single application.'

    The project, which is likely to take more than 10 years to complete, will change the face of Uxbridge extensively, and the whole borough.

    Colin Darby, planning manager of VSM Estates, the land owners, and co-ordinators of Project MODel, tasked with bringing Ministry of Defence sites back into community use, and receiving much needed profit, said he was 'delighted' with the approval.

    The councillors have given the go-ahead for a hybrid scheme, with several specific points still required to be revisited a various stages by councillors.

    When the scheme was announced in 2006 Mr Darby admits 'the world was a different place' prior to the global recession, and estimated profits on the homes have not materialised. The original planning application was for 1,425 homes, rather than 1,340.

    As a result VSM Estates have not been able to meet the London target for 50 per cent of the homes to be affordable housing, only being able to commit to 15 per cent. Hillingdon have nevertheless accepted the application, realising in this financial climate VSM have already been squeezed to their limit. A clause has been inserted into the agreement allowing for the percentage to be increased if the market picks up.

    In 2006 it was conceived that the project could be completed by 2017, but it seems even then, parts of the work will only just be beginning.

    The highest building will be one six storey housing block, but many houses will be just that, family houses with back gardens backing onto several acres of district park.

    A considerable amount of work will have to go into renovating junctions near the site, especially St Andrews roundabout, Uxbridge. The subway underneath the roundabout will be opened up and enhanced to link the site to the current town centre.

    One unique and controversial feature is sure to be a fob-controlled barrier limiting access to Vine Lane, after complaints by residents that the route could be used as a rat-run for drivers.

    New residents, and emergency services will be the only people able to open the barrier.

    Transport for London could yet throw a spanner in the works, having objected to the amount of car parking spaces, believing it to be too much, although Hillingdon's councillors believe plans to be perfectly reasonable, and any reduction would only push cars into existing surrounding roads.

    They can make their feelings felt when the project is to be rubberstamped, and possibly held back, by the Greater London Authority later this month. Council Leader Ray Puddifoot is to write personally to Mayor of London Boris Johnson to ask him to waive regulations as RAF Uxbridge is a special case.

    What do you think the scheme will mean for Uxbridge? E-mail

    RAF Uxbridge by numbers
    44 hectares of land
    1340 homes
    77 bed care home
    2099 car park spaces
    20,000 square metres of retail and office space
    90 bed hotel
    1200 seat theatre
    45 acres of open space

    The historic features of the development
    Hillingdon House will be renovated, with the ground floor to open as a restaurant.
    The bunker will remain as a museum.
    The cinema will also remain for community use.
    One barrack block will be converted to housing.
    The spitfire will remain.

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    Default Re: Historic approval for RAF Uxbridge

    The WW2 ops room bunker is currently closed for refurbishment and should reopen in the first week of April. As an ex Air defence Operator (1958 - 1984) I am really looking forward to visiting it very soon.

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    Default ARG Visit 18 April 2012

    A few shots follow from a very enjoyable visit arranged by ARG. Many thanks to the organisers for such making the trip possible.

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    Default Re: RAF Uxbridge, Middlesex

    Here are a few photos I took on the day.

    1 - Hillingdon House

    2 - The group assemble in the rain before heading down into the bunker

    3 - UNITER Building

    4 - RAF Uxbridge Memorial

    5 - Spitfire outside the bunker

    6 - RAF Uxbridge Station Commanders Board

    7 - View of the Plotting Room

    8 - View of the Plotting Room

    9 - View of the Plotting Room
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    Default Re: RAF Uxbridge, Middlesex

    Yes, very good indeed. Looking at the list of CO's made feel very old as the three I served under, Gp Capt's Penny, Turner and Raymond, are a long way back on the board. Also good to see Hillingdon House which in my time was HQMATO. Many thanks for showing.

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    Default Re: RAF Uxbridge, Middlesex

    This was received via the subbrit list:

    Developer St Modwen today bought the site from the MOD. They have Planning Permission for 1,340 homes, 200,000 sq ft of offices, new school, 1.500 seat theatre and a public car park. Work will begin by the end of the year.
    A quick google brings up these two sites that may be of interest:

    VSM Estates:

    Also from The Construction Index site:

    Building to start on RAF Uxbridge redevelopment this year

    VSM Estates, a joint venture of developer St Modwen and construction group Vinci, has cleared major hurdles in its long-planned redevelopment of RAF Uxbridge, paving the way for building work to finally start this year.

    VSM Estates was selected by the Ministry of Defence back in August 2006. It has now completed the outright acquisition of RAF Uxbridge from the MoD under Project MoDEL. The site covers a total of 110 acres, of which 45 acres are developable, and has planning consent for 1,340 homes and some 200,000 square feet of commercial office and retail development, as well as a new primary school, a 1,500-seat theatre and a 40-acre public park. The acquisition has been financed principally through a £60m, five year debt facility provided by HSBC, with additional equity provided equally by St Modwen and Vinci.

    VSM has allocated 23 acres of the developable Uxbridge land to Persimmon for the development of 500 homes under St Modwen and Persimmon's existing joint venture arrangements. Construction is now scheduled to start here before the end of this year, St Modwen said.

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    Default Re: RAF Uxbridge, Middlesex

    Thank you for showing the Uxbridge aerial shot, it stirred many happy memories. For anyone interested, during my time there the Station Headquarters block was the first one seen on the left hand side of the parade ground with the excellent gymnasium, complete with squash courts, in front of it at the very bottom left corner of the photo. The main gate and guardroom occupied the space to the right of the gym which is now obviously a car park. Apart from SHQ, all of the other buildings around the parade ground were airmans/airwomans accommodation blocks with the one nearest the main road, on the right side of the square, being an IRA bomb target. Although I spent time here during redecoration of my normal accommodation, my regular room was in the block directly behind SHQ, which was extremely handy as I worked in headquarters and my usual 'home to work' journey time was around 8 seconds (4 if it was raining).

    The barrack blocks consisted mainly of 4 man rooms with a few single rooms on each floor for corporals. I was told that my bedspace was once the resting place of Lawrence of Arabia and I was fairly convinced that I still had his ancient uncomfortable bed! The rectangular building on the parade square was the Headquarters of the Queen's Colour Squadron RAF Regt, as well as the office of the Station Families officer. The 2 large buildings behind the parade ground were, on the left, the Airman's Mess and on the right the NAAFI (or Pinn Inn). Both buildings had other occupants and functions but I cant recall details. The complex behind the 2 buildings was the Supply Sqn HQ's with the rifle range behind again. The building to the right of the right hand side barrack blocks was a dental centre. Happy days!

    Thanks for the memories. Regards.....Paul

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    Default Re: RAF Uxbridge, Middlesex

    I visited at the weekend and had a great trip. I posted a video and photos here:

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    Default Re: RAF Uxbridge, Middlesex

    Virtual tours of the bunker at Uxbridge:


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    Default Re: RAF Uxbridge, Middlesex

    Quote Originally Posted by Hal_Chase View Post
    I had heard that he had left and been replaced, its good to see he is still there as the visit would simply not be the same without him.

    He may well have mentioned it but he pretty much single handedly created the whole museum from a run down semi derelict site
    An old mate of mine Chris Wren - hislast post in the RAF was as WO MT at Uxbridge-- one of life's gentlemen as all us WOs were !! and yes I reckon 95% 0f the credit for the standard of the bunker must go to Chris .

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