These photographs were sent to me in 1996 by a friend in Sweden. Note the small piece of wreckage alongside memorial. This B-24 of the 392nd BG crashed at Rostanga. On the 20th June every year all the people of Rostanga walk the 3km to the memorial. BY doing this they are honouring the airmen who were killed in action on that day. The plaque says, On the 20th June 1944 as the second world war raged an American Liberator aircraft crashed at this place on it's way back from Germany. Of the ten crewmembers two were killed, They are: Sergeant Robert B. Kellerman, North Carolina, U.S.A. Dunhom. Sergeant A.Deck Glenn. U.S.A. The remaining eight baled out. '' They came across the seas fighting for freedom, They fell in foreign country.''