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Thread: Gallows Hill / Eyres Field

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    Default Gallows Hill / Eyres Field

    Gallows Hill(Dorset Gliding Club)
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    To the top left of the picture is a sandy area. This used to be a helicopter training area where helicopters from Portland used to practice landing on uneven ground and confined area work. A fire tender would be in attendance for those activities. The site is no longer used as Portland has closed down and the army have 'reclaimed' the area back.

    The site has been used by military helicopters for training but not on any regular basis these days.

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    I remember seeing the odd helicopter just inside the training area. I did walk in once but saw nothing of any interest.

    The top of that site was a WW1 battle training ground with the British in the south and the Germans in the north, Gallows hill was a redoubt and trenches were laid out from Laurence's cottage to way past Gallows hill to the east. You can trace a few trenches but as the whole place has been dug over and the undergrowth is so bad its hard to see them.

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