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Thread: GLASCWM - Church of St David

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    Default GLASCWM - Church of St David

    These two photographs were given to me by a work colleague a while ago. This church is somewhere within the Brecon's. To see more click on Aircrew Remembrance Society, Losses 1942 G. Brixius.
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    Default Re: luftwaffe cross in Welsh church.

    The village of glascwm is roughly 6 miles from where i live in mid wales. I have actually visited the site of the crash of this aircraft many years ago. My late father had a whole file on this crash, I must try and locate it. it contained all original reports from the time, police, home guard, RAF and witnesses to the event, maps etc etc

    If I can recall it was a Ju88 bomber returning from a raid on liverpool docks that was shot down by a beaufighter that happened to be testing a new radar system in the nightfighter role. I believe it to have happened in 1942.

    Watch this space!!!!

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