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Thread: White Waltham

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    you will find Manifolfd way leads to a community center not a buisness park

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    White Waltham starred in one of the Midsummer Murders series aired a couple of weeks ago.

    Filmed over a "display" weekend, the only clues to place the location was a large FAIREY aviation shield shown within a cafe/clubhouse setting and a couple of ariel views. From the program it acknowledged the ATA history. However the storyline impressed that night flying was being carried out of which I would doubt in reality on grass in todays legislation?
    The first murder weapon was an 18" stiltson wrench, not quite a quality tool for aircraft.

    I too had a couple of chipmunk flights during the late 60s from W.W. Couldn't place where the training buildings were compared to the changes of the site.


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    Re: above post 22

    If your 1960's Chipmunk flights were in University of London Air Squadron aircraft, you would have attended the ULAS headquarters building located a short distance southwest of the two hangers at the southernmost (RAF) part of the airfield.

    The building still stands today and is easily spotted on Google Earth. It's one of two identical long thin barrack block buildings with reddish coloured roofs. It's the one on the right hand side nearest the two hangars which also survive.


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