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Thread: Lockheed Plant in WW2.

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    Default Re: Lockheed Plant in WW2.

    I have to agree with PNK in that the "Before" photo is indeed the "After" photo. Photo probably taken circa 1946-1949.

    Hint: Look at the extreme left hand side of the photo about half way up. You will note two multiengine airliners with tricycle gear. Possibly a Constellation and a DC-4 or 6 both in natrual aluminum.

    BTW, the subject Lockheed plant site was demolished some years ago and is now a parking lot. The site produced P-38, B-17, Ventura, Hudson, Lodestar, Constellation, P-2 Neptunes, Electras, P-3 Orions, U-2 and SR-71.

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    Default Re: Lockheed Plant in WW2.

    Denis I dont think so, Hatfield was bombed after all and workers killed as was Filton and Yate (that I know of), with what ever camouflage scheme they had in place. Colonel Turners Camo unit photographs are at the RAFM if anyone is interested.

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    Default Re: Lockheed Plant in WW2.

    Thanks Paul, that is one collection I would like to look through.

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