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    Watch Office 1982

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    Bad news on this one - I did an auction on the runway at Dallachy last summer, and noticed that a combination of local businessmen and farmers have had the windows bricked-up on the tower, and they have also started dumping huge mounds of earth to prevent anyone driving onto the diamond hardstandings on "Beaufighter Road"

    I know for a fact that at Dallachy, these people won't be happy until all evidence of the airfield has been bulldozed so that "people like us" stop annoying them

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    Anyone know if Dalachy Tower had a penthouse?

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    The remains of one of the HE Bomb Stores to the SE of Dallachy airfield. The 'trolly' road is now a minor road north to the former perimeter track.

    The earth traverses between the bomb storage compartments are visible and some brickwork if you creep along in Street View:

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    A couple of pictures taken in the last couple of weeks.


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    Excellent John, is that the tower in view in the second photo, almost in the middle of the airfield?

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    Richard that is the tower as you see it in the field. I have been here and got to have a look at the tower.

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