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    Default Madley

    RAF Madley

    A small number of pics I took this afternoon whilst out for a wander.

    One of the building to be found on the Eastern boundary of Kingstone School

    One of the last wooden huts still standing, now used by an engineering company

    Current owners of part of the site

    Taken (as far as I could judge in a hurry without a map) from the centre of all three runways, looking East

    I'll post some more when I have the chance to take some more pictures

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    Default Re: Madley

    Thanks for posting the pics. The only thing that springs to mind with Madley is the lack of hardstands. I don't know why some airfields didn't have them.

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    A couple of photos taken in 2008

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    Logaston Press has published a good book on RAF Madley, which was written by a former manager of the IWM Cabinet War Rooms. It includes a good narrative description and some contemporary images. See:

    Macklin, Fiona. 2006. The Story of RAF Madley. ISBN 1-904396-65-8. And it's only 4.95!

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    I included Madley in my book 'Hereford and Worcester Airfields in the Second World War'. Very interesting airfield and although just a radio operator training school, it was the airfield that Rudolph Hess flew from in a Dominie to his trial at Nuremburg. It was also the airfield that the late great Eric Sykes trained at to become a wireless operator. Most interesting are the mass of Hinaidi hangars still in good condition.
    Robin J Brooks;

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    About twenty years or so ago, there were still light aircraft operating from Madley. BT who owns quite a bit of the site had some employees who were part of what I recall was called the 'Civil Service Flying Club', and they operated a Jodel out of there. Looking at the state of the runways these days, I guess it's no longer used at all.
    It's a real pity about Madley, as It's quite handy for Hereford.

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