Thought I would start a new thread on aircraft tugs to consolidate some of the material on the site. Here are some shots taken at Marshall's Cambridge City Airport on 20 September.

First, a couple from the Douglas stable. There was an even bigger one in the adjacent hangar, but I forgot to ask permission to photograph it!

The two Douglas tugs were part of this little line-up at the end of a hangar. Anyone know what the big one is at the left of the line? The diddy ones are FMWs I think.

The Red Arrows decided not to bother with a mechanical tug and used one of the human kind. To be frank, they did the job of turning all ten aircraft a lot quicker than it would have been done using a single mechanical tug. The motive power came from a bunch of very enthusiastic Air Cadets, who can normally be found close-by whenever the Red Arrows are in attendance.