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    Received from Mike Osborn, thought it would interest a few of you all, and also to start a thread on this small airfield!

    According to a book by Donald Hawley about Little Cheverell, a Wiltshire village; the name New Zealand Farm was a whimsical reference to its remoteness, lying at the southern edge of the parish, from the centre of village life. The farm buildings date from 1860/70 , at a time when many British people were settling in New Zealand itself.

    An elderly villager recounted that the road from village to farm was so steep that it took a team of fifteen horses to move a threshing machine up to it.

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    RAF New Zealand Farm has been covered before on AiX in another thread probably now 'dead'.

    I was sent there on temporary duty in 1960 ish and was accommodated on the 'Farm' but commuted daily to the nearby Larkhill Range to work. Only two weeks but it made an impression on a 20 year old Junior Technician!

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    I went there on April 9th with Richard Drew. He took me on a Grand Tour of Wiltshire & we stopped here. The army have made a real mess of it & it was quite depressing. It was raining & quite windy & I was amazed to see so many doors to those lovely old buildings were wide open to the elements.

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