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Thread: Ringway / Manchester Airport

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    Here's a drawing of Ringway taken from a print of AVRO's empire dated 1943.Ringway.jpg

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    A view of Manchester before the second runway in July 1989 from the collection of Nigel Bailey-Underwood

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    Photo of the new control tower under construction at Manchester Airport, 27 May 2012 by Nigel Bailey-Underwood

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    Taken from The Daily Mail:

    Manchester Airport set to run out of fuel at 6pm sparking potential chaos for thousands of passengers

    • Delays and cancellations are likely unless airlines carry enough fuel on board to do a return trip
    • It is the first time they have run out of fuel in their history

    Manchester Airport will run out of jet fuel tonight leaving thousands of passengers, on dozens of flights, potentially stranded.

    Aircraft will not be able to refuel at the airport after around 6pm, sparking fears of mass cancellations and delays.

    It is the first time that the airport has run out of fuel in its history.

    The problem arose after jet fuel supplies from Stanlow in nearby Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, were disrupted because of quality concerns at the oil refinery.

    Problem: Manchester Airport, pictured, will run out of fuel tonight leaving thousands potentially stranded

    The airport hopes that the problem will be fixed by midnight but the impact on services will last until at least tomorrow because it takes six hours to pump enough fuel back into the airfield.

    Airlines are being advised to carry more fuel than usual so that they can complete the second leg of their journey from Manchester.

    'Whilst we do not expect this to cause widespread disruption, it is possible that some airlines may decide to cancel, divert or delay a small number of flights from 6pm tonight into tomorrow morning,' an airport spokesman said.

    'Whilst a stock of aviation fuel is stored on site, as a precaution, airlines have been advised to carry additional fuel wherever possible.

    Shortage: Experts are predicting 79 trucks of fuel are needed in the airport overnight to get it running again

    'Although this is a short term problem, until it is resolved, airlines might not be able to refuel aircraft at Manchester Airport which is why contingency plans have been put in place.

    'We would advise all passengers travelling this evening and tomorrow morning to check their flight status with the airline before coming to the airport. '

    The airport uses three million litres of fuel a day and a standard tanker can only carry 38,000 litres, meaning they would need 79 trucks just to provide enough for 24 hours.

    Bosses were made aware of a potential problem yesterday and were told this morning that the supply would run out later today.

    The spokesman added it was difficult to predict how services would be changed and for how long. Some planes are expected to have to make detours to other airports to refuel.

    In April 2008, airport bosses warned passengers that fuel supplies were running low because of a similar problem - but the issue was rectified before it affected flights.

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    The new control tower as of 16 September 2012 by Nigel Bailey-Underwood

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    Two new bits at Manchester, both photos by Nigel Bailey-Underwood

    1 - New Control Tower

    2 - New Dreamliner

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    Prior to the counties being re-organised in 1974 the boundary between Lancashire and Cheshire ran through this airfield. The south side sheds and what is now the new runway are in Cheshire the rest of the airfield is in Greater Manchester.

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