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Thread: Acklington Airfield Memorials

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    Default Acklington Airfield Memorials

    A belated first for this section and the last county section to have a post . A virgin no more !
    I've been shamed into this by northeagle's post in the Memorial News and Research section of the forum as I was lucky enough to have been there on the day the memorial was dedicated , Sunday 28 March 2010 . It was a very cold overcast day and sadly a heavy downpour as the marchpast took place brought the day to a premature end . For ARG members a report on the dedication will appear in the next edition of the Airfield Review and as ever for me anyway , REF will post in some of my photographs taken on the day .

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    Photos taken by David Thompson.

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    A few photos I took of the new memorial at Acklington, many thanks to David Thompson for his directions in finding it!

    Photos taken on 26 August 2013

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